Developing Patience


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Today, I read a blog post about writers being patient. Somehow, a lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized, I am not a patient writer. Honestly, I’m not very patient about a lot of things. When it comes to developing my writing and skill, I wish I could jump through time.

I want to be a good writer, now, and not wait to improve. For my stories, I wish I had a bigger fanbase. Why? Because I’m not patient. That’s when I decided something important; I’m going to be patient. However, I always want to give myself a timeline to improve.

I was thinking maybe the end of next year. If I haven’t made progress by then, then I know it’s time to consider other options.

Remember, you have to be patient and build yourself up. It’s annoying, and can be a slow process, but we can all do it.


9 thoughts on “Developing Patience

    • I know how you feel. It wasn’t until I read another blog post that I realized I lacked patience. I always wanted to be a popular writer, with a lot of reads and votes, but it never happened =(. I wondered if I wasn’t patient enough, so now I’m going to wait and see what happens.

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  1. Great point again, Akaluv. I’m actually usually a very patient person, but with writing it’s always different. Even then its more impatience with myself, as in not writing as much or as fast as I want to.
    But then I look at what I’ve achieved since taking the step to start a blog and I’ve done so much more than I have any other year.
    Its so easy to be hard on ourselves, it’s always good to force things into perspective. 🙂 As they say ‘Patience is a virtue’

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