How to Add Custom Links to your WordPress Site

This FAQ was requested by a reader. Today, I will go over adding a custom menu to the side of your WordPress site.

Note: this FAQ does not follow your WordPress theme.

Step 1: View your WordPress site by entering your URL.

For example,

Step 2: Click Customize at the bottom right corner of your WordPress site.


Step 3: Choose Menus

You can choose to edit your Primary menu or your Social menu

Customize  2

Step 4: Choose Social Navigation

Customize  3

Step 5: Click the + Add Items to add a Custom Link

Customize  4

Step 6: Once you have added your custom links, go back to the main menu and click on Widgets

Widgets -> Sidebar -> + Add a Widget

Step 7: Choose Custom Menu: Other Websites -> Select Menu: Social Navigation

Step 8: Save

Customize 5.png

The custom website links should now be listed on your homepage. Also, please keep in mind, this FAQ may not apply to your theme.

I hope this FAQ was helpful =) Let me know if you have any questions or request in the comments. Ugh, I am so tired today. Well, now it’s time to start writing.


4 thoughts on “How to Add Custom Links to your WordPress Site

  1. Hi there 🙂 i was wondering if you could help me to decide if i should put my story on a blog like yours or just keep on posting on watt pad? i’m not even sure about any of the options i gave you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it depends on what you want.
      If you want to get a lot of readers for your work or to try to get a lot of readers, you should post to Wattpad.

      If you want to blog more about topics, and have a few readers for your stories, then WordPress.

      It really depends on your goals. Also, you could just upload your stories to both and see what happens.


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