Listing Chapters on your Blog (Menu)

Many of you have asked me how I listed my chapters on my blog. To answer your questions, I wrote a FAQ, and I hope everyone finds it helpful.

Please note: these instructions don’t take into account what WordPress theme you have.

Step 1: Click on My Site next to Reader

My Site button.png

Step 2: Click Menus on the WordPress My Site tree

Menus ‹ A.M.Bradley —

Step 3: Click the + sign on the Home under the Primary Menu. Once you click the + sign, it will ask you to add a menu item above or below Home. You want to add the new menu item below. For example, please see the screenshot below:

Menu 2.png

Menu 3.png

Step 4: Name the new item and choose what page to connect it with

Menu 4.png

Step 5: Click Add Item and then Save

Now, you will have a new menu item displayed on your home page. To add a new page, please see the screenshot below:

Menu 5.png

I hope this was helpful! Once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad. Once you have the new menu item, you can add pages under that item by clicking the + sign. All my chapters are their own pages listed under the main title. For example, all Clash of Tides information is listed under the Clash of Tides menu item. If anyone wants me to make another FAQ, please request it in the comments.

Clash of Tides Menu.png

Remember, this is just one way to list your chapters. I’ve also seen writers who created hyperlinks to their different chapters on one page. Personally, I like the list method because it makes it easier for readers to find the chapters.

On another note, I’ve finally decided to take a break from Wattpad. I’m sad about it – mostly because my stories didn’t do well there – but I’ll move on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my books done and post the chapters on WordPress.

Also, please let me know if you liked this FAQ. I’m trying to do Technical Writing for my main career soon, so I want to get better at writing FAQs.


13 thoughts on “Listing Chapters on your Blog (Menu)

  1. Thank you for your great info. I just started my blog last February and I’m just wondering how were you able to put the other website page on your sidebar? (Facebook and Wattpad). I also share my book on wattpad and I would like to place it on my sidebar but can’t figure out how. (Like the way you did)

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