Reunion (Confused Feelings)



Your love is like a shadow,
In the darkness and far away from me

There are times I yearned for you,
But I know you are bad for me

Now you have returned,
And my love for you confuses me.

This poem expresses Lana’s feelings towards Lucifer for chapter 14. For the second part of the story, I plan to write Lana’s internal conflict about wanting to stay an angel, and how Hell is influencing her. The gif is to show her descent into Hell. 

Yesterday I watched the horror movie, Krampus. It wasn’t too bad, actually. I found the movie funny and scary. The scene that influenced me the most was when Krampus was sending the family to hell. After watching that scene, I’m very inspired to plan out my own hell for Love for an Angel. Anyway, I hope you liked the poem 🙂



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