Story Ideas

This morning I was thinking about what projects to work on next year. I know, strange, right? I shouldn’t be thinking about 2017, but I am. My goals for this year is to finish Love for an Angel and Clash of Tides. Once those books are done, I’ll polish them and submit them for publication. As I mentioned before, I doubt Love for an Angel will be picked up by a publisher, but Clash of Tides may be a different story.

My problem is I have too many story ideas. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a slow writer. My days consist of the horrible, soul-sucking day job, writing classes, reading, and writing. Gah, I sound like a boring person. Anyway, so it’s hard to squeeze in a good solid 5-6 hours of typing.

Here are some of the story ideas I want to work on next year:

Battle of the Five Kings

This is a story I started working on like two years ago, but I never finished it. The setting is Feudal Japan, and the main character is a priestess who can see the future. In this world, whoever marries the priestess, will be the next king. As you can guess by the title, the story is about five kings from different parts of the land. This story is dark, and I won’t sugar coat it. Two of the five kings are sadistic men. My goal for this story is to show how evil men rule. In a classic world where there is no government, those who are willing to kill will seek control. There is more to this story – like dragons, ninjas, magic, etc., but you’ll have to wait and see!

Spoiled Rich Girl

Honestly, I don’t know how my mind came up with this story. I’d say this is a futuristic dystopia story, and I usually don’t like writing dystopia. In this world, the government has fallen, and corporations have taken over as law. For example, think evil Google controlling parts of the city. The city is also taken over by gangs, and each company has their own section to protect. The main character is the daughter of a company owner and her main love interest – who she is having an affair with – owns a company as well. You get what is going on =)

Horror Story Collection

Horror stories, what else can I say?

9/Nine Realms

I’ve already talked about this one before. This story is about a summoner and a prince. I’ll be posting this story to my blog in about two months, so be on the lookout for it!

I have a lot of ideas, but so little time to write them. It’s sad, really. No one will probably read these stories, but at least I can have fun writing them.


5 thoughts on “Story Ideas

  1. Don’t put time constraints on yourself. Make a goal date and work towards that. I don’t write full time and never feel guilty if I don’t write. There are days the ideas flow like water from my brain. Then sometimes I can’t put more than three words together. usually it’s WTF! I just always have a way to write or record ideas. Not sure if that’s helpful at all. Keep calm. It will happen.

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    • Thank you for the advice! Right now, I’m running into a similar problem =( I hope the words and ideas start to flow soon. I would like to finish at least one story this year.


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