How to Treat Readers

Lately, I’ve been seeing more popular writers from various story sharing sites not treating their readers well.

What I mean by well is, they have either taken down their stories without giving notice, stopped updating, or just plain disappeared.

As a writer who would love to have a lot of fans, it makes me a sad to see this. Often I’ll think, “Damn, I wish I had the fanbase they had.”

One writer on Wattpad had over 50M reads for her story, and she removed parts of it from her profile. As you can guess, her readers were not happy, especially since this isn’t the first time she removed the story.

Now, I know I’m not any better, but I’m trying to be. I removed my Levi x Reader story from my Wattpad a lot of times – and I mean A LOT. Mostly because the stories are terribly written, and I wanted to get readers for my own work, not a fanfiction.

For another example, a very, very popular story on was just taken down by the writer. I don’t even think she gave her readers a heads up she was doing it. She had over 1K reviews for that story, so I’m sure her readers were upset about it.

Lastly, another example is a story I even liked called, “An Angel’s Demon.” Now, I believe the writer of this story was going through something personal, but even still, she abruptly took the story down without warning. To give you an idea of her popularity, she gained 1M reads in only six months. Yeah, her story was popular. After she had taken the story down, she abandoned her account, but readers are still posting comments to her profile a year later, begging for her return.

As I noticed this trend, I couldn’t help but question how some writers treat their readers. Maybe writing is a hobby to these writers, so they don’t care as much, but as someone who wants to build a fanbase and publish one day, it’s so disheartening.

If any popular writers are reading this, please be aware of how your readers feel when you take away their favorite story. Yes, it’s within your right to do it, but remember not all of us writers get what you have. If I somehow had a decent following, I would do the best I could to communicate with my reader base and make sure I didn’t take away what they loved. Yes, I know I took away the Levi x Reader stories, but they make me cringe.

Also, I know some of my readers didn’t like me switching to WordPress, but I plan to write more about that in another post later today. I plan to call it, “Writing Mature Stories Online.”



16 thoughts on “How to Treat Readers

  1. I so appreciate that you are so thoughtful and invested/connected to your readers, other writers and just human beings in general….you really make an effort to relate and to be relate-able..and it makes you very likeable and “like-able”….stay beautiful, you are making a positive difference 🙂

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  2. I agree. Another big problem is that writers let their popularity go to their heads. They’ll stop communicating all together, as I’d they’re above it all. You’re doing the right things and for the right reasons. Keep it up.

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    • Thanks for agreeing with me, Sarah. I’ve noticed a lot of popular writers don’t appreciate the fans they do get and start treating them badly. I barely have any fans for my original work, so it bothers me when I see writers act that way.

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      • I’m the same way. I see the hugely popular people on Instagram (coincidentally enough they’re also usually not very talented) basically ignore all their fans, and only talk to the people they consider to be elite like them. It’s crazy.

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      • Ugh, that’s horrible! How can they treat their fans that way?? I always talk to my readers no matter what level they are. It’s sad how popularity gets to people’s heads. It times like these I wonder if building myself up is worth it. I see people who have it all, and they don’t appreciate it.

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      • Be one of the rare ones that doesn’t do that. Now, I can say that ig has limits on how many comments you can leave in a time period, or they’ll block you from mentioning anyone. So I’ve experienced how it’s hard to respond to everyone’s comments. But I always try my best to let people know how much I appreciate their continued support. Those people though, they don’t even bother to try. They’re just that far above it all. And they just don’t see how horrible they really are.

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  3. I’ve seen this happen again and again, especially with fanfiction. It sucks when you know that your favourite story has been abandoned, but it’s even worse when there’s no indication of why it stopped and whether or not it will ever come back (This happened with my favourite web comic, “Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name”. It was abandoned YEARS ago and I’m still not over it!)

    I can appreciate that, for most of these writers, these projects start out as a hobby and a labour of love. Maybe they get overwhelmed by the demands of new-found popularity, maybe they can’t find the time to update, or maybe they just lose interest. It’s hard to fault them there. Still, if you gain a fanbase through your work, the absolute least you can do is give your readers a heads-up when you decide it’s time to walk away. These people have invested a part of themselves into the world you’ve built – at least give them some closure!

    I’m also going to second what @thesaradoughty said – nothing irks me quite like seeing amateur authors getting full of themselves after a bit of success. C’mon now.

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  4. umm you made me remember that I have one fanfic on that I totally forgot about… oops. Well, guess I’ll add the final page to it because I was one page away from finishing it. For my bad excuse, there haven’t been comments on it in months…

    Also, I agree about the popularity thing.

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