Love for an Angel updates!

Love for an Angel

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I am working on chapter 14. I’m hoping to publish chapter 14 this weekend – I promise.

Some personal issues have caused the delay in updating. I’m attempting to get my life together,  so that has caused my writing to suffer a bit. However, Lucifer, Lana, and the rest will be returning shortly. I’m doing a lot of world-building with Hell and the other demons, so that is also taking up some head space =)

Also, this weekend is Jpop Summit 2016! I’m getting my Gothic Lolita outfit ready ^_____^

I hope everyone will keep reading the story! Sadly, Love for an Angel doesn’t get the same amount of Love as Clash of Tides. Maybe it’s because angels have already been done before while mermen haven’t^^


One thought on “Love for an Angel updates!

  1. Try not to feel pressured….making yourself and personal life/issues a priority is exactly the best thing to do…the rest will wait….and, those who are meant to be here will be here 🙂 You are in my thoughts and prayers, and you are irreplaceable 🙂

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