Writing Mature Stories Online


I’m writing this post because I said I would, and also I’m hoping to help other writers who are looking to post their stories online. Also, I won’t lie; I thought about deleting my WordPress blog and it’s still something I may consider. I haven’t achieved the goals I set out for, and it’s time for me to decide if I really belong here.

Until then, I want to talk about writing “Mature” stories online. Generally, mature stories are any stories that contain sexual content, swearing, torture scenes, or sensitive topics (rape, suicide, depression, self-harm, etc.)

If you write about any of those topics or like to write specific details, you may have a hard time finding a home for your baby (your story).

I experienced this on Wattpad with Clash of Tides. Some parts of Clash of Tides are hard to read, and that’s the way I planned out the story. Given the occupation of the main character, some details are unavoidable. If I ever publish the book, I wouldn’t want the scenes removed.

With that being said, Clash of Tides got flagged, a chapter got deleted, and the story could no longer rank. After that had happened, I decided Wattpad wasn’t the best place for my story.

  1. Because losing my work isn’t ideal
  2. Because so many writers on Wattpad write worse content than I do, however, Wattpad doesn’t flag everyone (I’m looking at you romance stories with sex in the first chapter and kidnapping with abuse).

If I wanted to write the story as it was meant to be read, then I couldn’t keep posting the full version there. Honestly, I don’t have time to write a censored version vs. non-censored version, so I searched for a new home.

That’s when I found WordPress.

I know my scenario has happened to many writers before and after me. The question now becomes, where can I post my mature works?

Below is a list of websites where writers can post their mature stories:

Fictionpress.com – Fictionpress is the sister site to fanfiction.net. Like fanfiction.net, it follows the same format and guidelines. If you write a mature story, you have to mark it mature. However, your story will not show up at the top of the list when you update it. Also, readers will have to look purposely for mature stories to find your works. Depending on the level of content, I don’t advise marking the story mature. Fictionpress has a pretty mature readership, so unless you are writing some messed up stuff, you will not get flagged or reported for marking your story T and up.

Archive of Your Own (A03) – I recently found out you can publish original stories on this website. A03 is a fanfiction site, but they do allow original works there. Now, the beauty of A03 is you can post whatever you want as long as you tag it. And when I mean whatever you want, I mean whatever YOU want. A03 doesn’t flag or report people for content, usually. The only downside is it’s a fanfiction site, so if you are expecting a lot of readers on your work, it’s not likely.

Wattpad.com – Yes, dreaded Wattpad. You can upload a mature story, but it works the same way as Fictionpress.com. Your story will be hidden; it can’t rank or be searchable. With so many limitations on mature writers, I don’t see the point of posting your work there. It’s hard enough getting readers on Wattpad as it is, and to add the extra barrier isn’t worth it. If you are writing for fun, go for it, but if you want to get readers, don’t hold your breath.

WordPress – If you are on WordPress already, you know you can post your story here. I haven’t seen or heard anyone’s story removed for mature content.

DeviantArt.com (DA) – You can post your mature stories on DA, but you have to make sure they are marked mature. DA has a limit on the mature content. Dark themes, sure, but explicit details about sex or torture, nope. Once you mark the story as mature, only readers with DA accounts (18 and up) can read the chapters.

Tablo.io – I know this is fairly new story sharing website. I have two stories there, but I never invested much into it. You may be able to post your mature story there without a problem. The website doesn’t get a lot of traffic, though, but still, check it out.

So far, these are the only story sharing websites I know of. If you are a mature writer, your options are limited where you can post. A lot of websites try to be family friendly, or as I say, more young adult and teen fiction friendly. If you are going to pursue writing a more adult oriented story, just consider your options on where you want to post. Honestly, it makes me sad that stories with mature content don’t have a home on the internet. If I had more time, and resources, I would love to make a website for mature stories.

However, I’ve found having your own website is the best place to post your work. If you already have a defined fanbase on other websites, send them to your blog or website. Oh! I know you can have mature content on Tumblr, too. Ok, that’s all from me for today. If I decide to delete my blog, I will let everyone know in advance.



18 thoughts on “Writing Mature Stories Online

  1. I hope you won’t abandon WordPress; I read your posts regularly, with interest. I self-published my first story on the Kindle; it was a short story titled ‘Reconciliation’ and it was well received. That encouraged me to publish a full-length novel (about 70k words) with CreateSpace (The Obeahman’s Dagger) and I’m getting ready to publish a sequel to that story(soon, soon.). I imagine that you’re either looking for a publisher for a novel or planning on self-publishing one. Is this correct?

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    • Thank you for responding to me and commenting on this post. I wasn’t sure if I really had people reading my blog. Yes, right now I’m trying to finish my stories so I can submit them for publication. I haven’t decided if I’m going to self-publish yet, though.

      That’s awesome your short story did well! I’m sure your sequel will do well, too ^__^


  2. Okay, first of all, WordPress doesn’t remove content. It’s encouraged to warn readers ahead of time if they’ll be reading something inappropriate for children or that might be a trigger.

    That said, growing on WordPress takes time. It took me a long time to figure that out, and to figure out how to grow faster. If you want to know what I do, shoot me an email and I’ll explain.

    But that brings me to the next point. WordPress.com (a site hosted through them) is connected to the network of WordPress users. If you switched to an independent website host, or even WordPress.org where you’re doing your own work, but using their blog templates, YOU WILL be cut off from that network of people (trust me, I know. I lost every follower I had when I moved. I had maybe two visits a day if I was lucky, and when I moved back, I started with 0 followers). Your traffic will be reliant on your legwork, drawing people to your site through external measures. So unless you’re crazy popular somewhere, if you leave WordPress, you’ll be even more isolated.

    Look at your WordPress stats, you’ll see how many people are visiting you every day, and what they’re reading. You’ll also see where people are coming from. If your stats are anything like mine, you’ll see most of your visitors are from WordPress. Leaving is a bad idea. So please don’t do that.

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  3. I understand what you mean with the Mature content issue. I write a lot of Mature fanfictions on fanfiction.net. I also am working on my novel which is going to be considered Mature as well. Just stick to your guns. On fanfiction.net it took me a long time to get followers and now I have a lot. I even have a few people requesting me to write some one-shots for them. So just keep with it. Good luck!

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    • That’s awesone you were able to get past the mature barrier and get readers. I know it stumps a lot of writers, especially those starting out. What is your username on ff.net? I hope I get more readers, but it’s been hard =( Are you planning on posting your novel online first?


    • I’m sorry to hear your stories got deleted on Wattpad. Honestly, Wattpad isn’t the place for mature stories. They say they accept mature stories, but they really don’t. Only the popular writers get away with having mature stories on Wattpad. I guess it’s because it earns Wattpad money. Popular writers on Wattpad get everything. Everyone else, well, we don’t get s****.


  4. Hi! I know what you mean about posting mature stuff on Wattpad and not ranking. It sucks so much. I posted a mature story back in 2015 but now with their new update, they have removed the private feature and now mature stories can finally rank now, thanks to readers’ complaints of not being able to read the private parts of a story. Wattpad listened and so long as your story marked mature, it’s all good. I have to separate my censored scenes now that the private feature is no longer available. 😦

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