I wish (Poem)


(taken from http://www.scw.org.au)

Some days, I wish:

I had more confidence in myself

That I was prettier, kinder, and wiser

I was a better writer, and self-doubt didn’t plague me

That I enjoyed life and all it has to offer me

However, even though I wish for these things,

There is one thing I already have,

My beautiful imagination that lets me be free,

no matter where I am, I know new worlds are endless to me

I hope you enjoyed my horrible poem > <

I wanted to write my wishes but also be thankful for what I do have. I try to run away from writing, but my imagination keeps me running back to it. Story ideas just won’t leave my head. I guess that’s the ‘Writers have that desire to get the story out.’

In other news, I’ve made progress with chapter 14 of Love for an Angel. The chapter is almost done and will be posted either on Saturday or Sunday.


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