Love for an Angel Chapter 14 posted!


Sorry I haven’t posted much today. I was working on chapter 14 of Love for an Angel. Towards the end, the chapter was a little hard to write. I knew the scenes between Lucifer and Lana, but for Erela I had a harder time. However, I got through it and posted the chapter.

Here is the link: Chapter 14: Reunion

In other news, I got the nicest review today on Clash of Tides. I seriously was like wow! Where the hell did this review come from??

“:omh loved it have u ever thought about making this an acctuall book and seeling it or something … it is amazballss please upate soon and of u decide to maake this a actguall book like seling it and stuff coud u keep updating omg i loved this story … andd do u have like fanmail adress or something where ur fans can send u their creations and fan leters and caa i pls use thiss story for my own insparation … i absolutely love this story.”

It’s not a great story, so I have no idea where all these reviews come from. I think it’s the hot merman idea :/ Anyway, I’m going to be away for the weekend, so I won’t be posting. Have a great weekend, everyone!

If you enjoyed the chapter, please comment!


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