Love for an Angel Chapter 14

Chapter 14 will be posted later today! Thanks for reading, everyone. I am happy the main story will finally pick up in this chapter =)

However, I must say, it is strange writing a story with so many religious themes. As I write Lucifer, it’s hard to get him right in some scenes. Like, he is in love, but he is also a creature of darkness. One has to wonder can Lucifer truly love, or will he always be looking out for himself? It’s actually an interesting theme to explore. Even though it’s hard to write, I enjoyed the result of this chapter. Lana’s and Lucifer’s relationship is one I have never written before, and I’m excited to see how they both evolve during their journey.

How is everyone doing today? How is the writing going? Does anyone have fun plans for the weekend?!


12 thoughts on “Love for an Angel Chapter 14

  1. I know it’s totally random but I’ll tell you my dream

    I dreamed of being a mermaid. I was caught by humans and was imprisoned at their house. I was given legs and was not allowed to leave. There were other creatures who were kidnapped as well AND they accepted their fate. After a while, I got so pissed off that I fought through the humans and returned to the ocean….

    this is what I get for reading your stories. 😉

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