Writing to Calm Your Spirit


I know I said I wouldn’t be posting today, but I was able to get some free time in before the summit today. Yesterday I finally finished chapter 14 of Love for an Angel. I won’t lie or deny my own feelings; I love to write.

After a busy and stressful week, it was nice to put on romantic music and write my story. Once I was in the zone, my hands wouldn’t stop typing. I was getting lost in the Heaven and Hell I created. Even though Love for an Angel isn’t as popular as Clash of Tides, I still enjoy writing the story. Due to the low read count, I was wondering if should scrap the project and work on another book, but writing Lana’s story has become a part of me.

I would feel unfilled if I didn’t write out her journey. She is navigating between light and dark, and the darkness always seems pleasurable.

Anyway, I wanted to talk more about writing to calm your spirit. What do I mean by that? Well, if you are an experienced writer, then you already know what I am referring to. If you have a need to get the words out, then just write. Listen to some of your favorite songs and use the music to inspire you. I mean, really listen. To ever note, to every beat, to analyze what your feelings are telling you.

When I write, I listen and watch anime music videos. Since I write romance and love writing romance, it inspires me ten folds!

For those who don’t write often, you should try it. When you write, you can leave all your worries behind and create a world of your own. Don’t like your boss – write about quitting your job. Do you wish you lived somewhere else? Write about yourself or a character moving to a new place.

Let writing be your doorway to a new way of thinking. Maybe as you write your story, you’ll find yourself motivated to make changes in your own life. I know it has helped me. Because of writing, I was inspired to finally leave behind a job I hate and find a new path for myself.

In fact, I love writing so much I wish I knew more words so I can expand my vocabulary. Maybe I’ll try that next =) Writing out my stories feels me with a high I don’t want to lose. So, when I have a feeling I should quit writing, it makes me sad, but I’ll try to keep on going.


7 thoughts on “Writing to Calm Your Spirit

  1. I took 10 years off from writing every day and nothing I did to fill the time that I used to spend writing could ever fill the void. There was always an emptiness to my day no matter what I did. It wasn’t until I returned to writing my stories again in 2012 that I realized what had been missing all this time, and I haven’t stopped since.

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    • That’s great to read, Liz! It’s always encouraging to hear from other writers about their love for writing. There are many times I tell myself I should quit because I’m a bad writer, but the story always keeps calling to me.

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      • I think there’s a blog post on my site about Marie Force having so many rejections she couldn’t carry them with two hands, but she kept on writing. We just have to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s one of the important things to remember about what we do – we’re basically entrepreneurs with no boss and no timecard to clock in and out. It’s all up to us, so if we keep going, the “business” keeps going, and if we quit, well, then the business closes down. But it all boils down to us.

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  2. You are so right. I used to hate writing in middle and high school, and even a little bit into college, but my dream career (researcher and professor) requires a lot of writing, and I’ve grown to appreciate it. One of the reasons I started my blog was because I wanted to be able to keep exercising my writing skills regularly while still having the flexibility to decide what I write about. It’s really amazing that you write your own stories and create your own world- especially since creative writing is something I’ve always been a little scared of but also in awe of, haha.

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