Writing takes you to Physical New Places (Writers)


Warning: Trigger post mentions death, paranormal, and suicide.

I am going to do something different with this post and start with a poem:

She woke up one day,
Wishing her life would change

As she got ready for the same routine,
Something different happened this day

She was visited by spirit,
Letting her know it was time to move on

The night before the same boring day,
She took a knife and said it’s time to make a change

This post was inspired by my own feelings but also the research I’m doing on the afterlife. As I stated in another post, I am very interested in the paranormal and I’m writing a story about a paranormal investigator.

The main topic of this post is how writing takes you to new places. If you already write, then you know how important research is. By research, I mean searching for information on the topic you want to write about or visiting the setting of places you want to write about.

For my paranormal story, I’ve been doing research on the paranormal and haunted places. A lot of times, ghost or spirits stay in one place because they haven’t passed on yet. To write my story as accurate as possible, I plan to visit some of these places. In the past, I have tried to do some paranormal investigations of my own, and I did see things that I couldn’t explain.

I’m thinking for my story, I should visit places I want to include in the book. I want to get every detail – smell, sounds, sight, and touch – correct. I pride myself on being a descriptive writer, and if I don’t have good descriptions of real-life places, it will bother me.


(The Winchester house in San Jose. It’s one of the haunted places I visited. Image from trip advisor.) 

That’s another neat thing about writing, it prompts you to visit and take in new places you may have never been before. I have seen writers post pictures on their blogs of areas they’ve visited to write their stories. One of the most famous places is the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. I even know J. K. Rowling took a lot of inspiration from her own country of England to write Harry Potter.

For the Battle of the Five Kings, the setting is feudal Japan, so I’m looking forward to going back to the land of the rising sun. When I go later this year or early next year, I want to go back to Kyoto and take in the surroundings. When I write the story next year, I want to include little details about the shrines and castles for my readers =)

Oh! Lastly, for Clash of Tides, I often visit the beach to hear the sounds of the waves, feel the water aginst my skin and the sand under my feet. It helps me write the story better. ^__^  To bad I can’t do that for Love for an Angel. If I did try to have a near death experience, there is no telling where I would go.

Has writing ever taken you to a new place? Did going there help to enhance your story?

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10 thoughts on “Writing takes you to Physical New Places (Writers)

  1. I find writing takes one many places. Not just in mind and spirit, but at times (such as in your case) to actual physical places that inspire and you draw inspiration from.

    Thank you for sharing that with the rest of us. I love to read what inspires other writers. As for the paranormal, that is quite a subject to get into. Like writing it will lead you down a rabbit hole…one for which there is no real end. Good luck on all the journeys you partake.

    Cheers ^_^

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