Weekly Writing Updates (and other projects)

It’s a new week, so you know what that means?! New updates!

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This week I’ll be working on Clash of Tides chapter 18 part 1. I am really excited to be working on this chapter. It will bring two of the main characters closer together. I also will be working on a short story I want to submit for publication. The story covers a subject I am very passionate about, and I hope it inspires others.

I will also be working on:

Graphics – I want to make something for Love for an Angel and something new for Clash of Tides.

Drawing – I want to get better at drawings heads and then work on bodies.

Also, I will only be posting once a day so I don’t spam your inboxes.

What are your writing goals for the week?


16 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Updates (and other projects)

  1. Writing goals…maybe try and sleep a bit more, this way when I’m posting another Entry, I’m fresh and aware, not in a haze, wondering if what I say makes any sense to anyone but me and maybe someone else.

    Good luck!

    Cheers! ^_^

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  2. I’m editing some older writings. Sucked at grammar back then and have learned so much from writing, reading, and having a great copy editor. I’m typing what I’ve written in long hand on my newer stories. Doing this as I go instead of the end of the story. This is also my first edit. Deciding what marketing I might do in the fall. UGH

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  3. My writing goals are to send what I already have written to my editor and to get ahead on my chapter artwork. I guess I’d also like to to finally get started on a few chapters that I’ve spent the last week and a half mapping out. They’re going to be tricky so I’ve been putting them off but I think it’s time!

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    • Sounds like a good goal^^ Are you a published author? Ohhh Do you draw your own artwork or do you have an artist? Sorry for all the questions, I just like learning as much as I can about other writers.

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      • No, not a published author (yet?) I just like to have someone significantly more talented than myself proof my chapters before I release them into the wild, ha ha!

        And yes, I’ve drawing and painting my own artwork for every chapter so far, although I have a guest artists working on a piece right now. I think I might stop doing this for a bit though. Each chapter illustration/painting takes a lot of time and it’s slowing things down!

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  4. My writing goals are to write the first three chapters of my novel, plan out the rest of the main plot, figure out a subplot or another story arc that I could cover in the book, and write out the two ideas I have for the end of the story. So far, I’ve completed one chapter and I am diligently working to finish another one by the end of this week.


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