Weekly Writer Problems

I’ve been trying to work on Clash of Tides and my short story this week, but I’ve run into some…Writer problems! Here are some of the writer problems I encounter on a weekly basis:

Five writer problems. If you agree, comment!

1. When you want to write a chapter but you’ve hit writers block.

giphy (5)

2. When all you talk about is your book, and people look at you funny. (Non-writers wouldn’t understand)

3. When you speak out a scene from your book, and everyone near you wonders if you are crazy.

4. When you shut yourself away for hours writing and forget to eat (this happens way too often).

5. When you say, “I’m writing a book,” and people respond, “Oh, that’s nice, writing is a good hobby to have.” > < (Writing just isn’t my hobby, it’s my need).

What are some of your writer problems?!

Oh! Sorry I haven’t responded to everyone’s comments, I will do that soon.


19 thoughts on “Weekly Writer Problems

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  2. Ah, yes, the ever present writer’s problems. I agree with all five, and the first one is plaguing me at this current time. I wish my brain had a restart button, so if my brain locks up, I can just press that. (btw love the gif) And my brothers are at the end of my constant ramblings and incoming idea’s about my books, they don’t seem to mind though (or at least they don’t say anything…) Anyway, totally agree with all the points. 🙂

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    • That would be nice, but when we get stuck, it’s like come on mind! Think of something already. I feel like when I get writer’s block, it’s because I was daydreaming and thinking way too much. Thanks! I thought the gif was relatable because that’s what happened to Hiro in Big Hero 6. He got inventory’s block lol

      That’s good your brothers are willing to listen to you. Having family being supportive always helps. Thanks for reading my post and commenting^^

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  3. I love this, because we do all have these issues. I think for me, I have trouble deciding where to begin the story. I also over think everything, rather than just letting it flow and then edit it later. My internal editor is a painful little snipe!

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  4. While I agree with all points, number 5 truly bothers me. Writing, regardless if you are doing it to get paid or you are doing it for free, is a passion. You sum that up perfectly. It is in your very soul, and there is no way you can not write because the fire is there!

    People who don’t write, don’t understand that. There is no off switch…even if you are experiencing writers block. You have to write, it is an insatiable thirst that will never be quenched.

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  5. I agree with writer problem #1 the most. Writer’s block is such a pain in the @&%# when it hits!

    One of my biggest writer problems is when my family interrupts me by knocking on my bedroom door, calling my name (and I can’t hear them because of my headphones), etc. I already have enough distractions (Skype & Wattpad) that I don’t need them bugging me so much to get up and do something other than sitting on my butt in front of my laptop all day.


  6. I’ve had all of these problems – in spades. Seeing how I’m writing three different things daily (blog, novel, and novella) keeping everything straight is one of my problems. Since all of these things are linked, it’s hard to shut my brain off to one aspect and focus on another. It can bleed together. I also have two short stories, and completely different novel rattling around in my head.

    My solution is to not stress about it too much and write toward whatever inspiration is pointing me toward at the time. (When the muse calls, I answer) After all, the only “real” deadline I have is the daily blog – so on the weekends I write some extra blog posts and save them for reserves. That way if my other pursuits eat up all of my time I have something up my sleeve for the blog.

    I’m really enjoying your blog format! Love the gif too 🙂


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