Visuals for Your Story

I’ve been away for a few days, but I’m back with something I’d like to discuss.

Today I want to discuss visual elements for your story. It’s quite obvious that readers enjoy pictures.

For example, look at Hogwarts from Harry Potter:

giphy (6)

Yes, we all know that readers can imagine the scenes for themselves, but in this day in age of YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, visuals can play a key role in gaining readers for your story. For anyone who uses Twitter and Tumblr, doing a quick post with text and a picture can be the key to gaining more followers.

Even just a book teaser, an attractive book cover or character drawing can lure readers to your story. You can give the readers a preview of your world, and that preview can say so much about your story. In the bookstore, and even TV shows, what are the first things the readers or watchers see?

  • Book Cover and/or TV promo – Besides the blurb, we all know the book cover is the readers’ doorway to your book. If the book cover is engaging, with a sense of style and tone for your story, the reader will do the next step – open the book! Or if online, click on it!

Then hopefully the reader will be:


Then, after reading some of your book, they’ll be like:


Yeahh…that’s more than likely not going to happen, but hey, your book could still be the story they’ve been looking for.

Now, onto the next question! What does getting a physical image of your characters do for potential readers?

  • Relate to the characters, or make them more interested in reading – Yes, getting a visual of your character may help the readers relate to them. You may even get:

giphy (6)2

…well…at least they tried, or you may get,


At least they liked your character enough to dress like them =)

I don’t want this post to go too long, but visuals help enhance your story. If you have any extra money lying around, I highly advise getting some commissions on your characters and scenes done. When I first started writing Clash of Tides, barely any readers were interested. However, when I got this picture of Assan done, readers were flocking to the story.



This picture cost me $15, and the artist worked with me through every step of the drawing process. The cover for the story was created by a designer on Wattpad.

Clash of Tides cover 2

Also, now since I have gifs in my blog post, I’ve noticed more people are visiting my site^^ Readers like visuals. I don’t know why, but they just do. If you have any questions about where to find an artist for commissions, let me know!

Again, visuals are important to your online presence as a writer. To my fellow writers, do you have any images for your stories? If you do, has it helped you gained any readers?

I don’t own any of the gifs

29 thoughts on “Visuals for Your Story

  1. Visuals are so much fun! I would love to have all my characters drawn up but unfortunately I don’t have much spare money to spend on pictures and although I like doing the odd drawing (as seen on my twitter) unfortunately if I tried to make my character myself I would hate it. There are a lot of good artists on sites out there too, and depending on the style they are quite affordable. 😀

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    • I understand. It’s not easy to get drawings done when you don’t have much money. And depending on the artists, the price can be quite high. Yes! I love getting visuals of my stories done. It makes me believe that maybe I can do this writing thing lol.

      It’s also neat to see the characters I created brought to life =) Oh God! I could never draw my characters the way I want them to. I’ve tried in the past, and it was so, so sad.

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    • I was thinking about college art students. Many students compete to get their name out there on their websites and such. I bet many of them just think of social media and gallerias, however if an author pops into a classroom and talks about getting help from them for their novels, that can help out a couple of authors. Maybe some of those beginners would do it for free and only ask for your recommendation. I would try that if the budget is tight.

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  2. Hmm, on WP I post pictures of scenery and clothing every now and again. I never really thought much on whether I should add character visuals, though. I asked my readers, once, how they thought my main major characters looked and I got a bunch of interesting answers. I don’t know whether that would do my story more harm than good, at this point. Food for thought!

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  3. I’ve noticed a huge difference in terms of views on Twitter if you include a picture of some kind with what you post as opposed to if you don’t. I used to experiment and still do on occasion and you are right.

    In today’s age, general consensus shows most people love having a visual of some kind.

    Great post!

    Cheers! 🙂

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    • I noticed that, too! And thanks for liking my post! I always try to pass along what works for me to other writers. I think creating even a quick visual with stock photos draws readers in to a chapter post, poem post, or blog post.

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  4. Your cover looks beautiful!

    I think your book could be an awesome fit on, you should check it out. Crowd-funded publishing – they’re a legit publisher. I’ve bought some of the books and I was pretty impressed with quality.

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  5. Visuals have been such a big part of my story since day one. Before I even started publishing chapters, I was sharing sketches of the main characters and commissioning artists much more talented than myself for custom art of them as well. I also did my best to put together a nice cover (because as much as people like to say they don’t judge a book by its cover, well… Let’s be real).

    Probably the most ambitious thing I decided to do with this story was create custom water colour paintings for each chapter. It’s been a great challenge as an artist, plus it’s been a fantastic way to engage my readers. Images just really add something to a story.

    Unfortunately, after chapter eight I’m going to have to put the paintings on hiatus until I’m finished the first draft of the entire book. It’s such a time consuming process and I really just want to focus on finishing the story right now. I’ll probably continue to include sketches and more simple drawings (because I can’t stop myself) but no fully completed pieces until I’m able to come back to the finished story.

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    • I agree with everything you said! I did the same thing as well. Before I started my story, I sketched out the characters and did their design. After I had got a good idea of what I wanted, I commissioned artists from DA.

      So true! Images do add a lot to the story, and readers love to get visuals of the world and characters they are reading about. Your project sounds really awesome. I would like to see your paintings. Ah, I understand. Drawing paintings and characters does take a lot of time. Best wishes for completing your story^^


      • People are generally visual creatures. I spend a lot of time on Tumblr and Twitter, watching the way artists build interest for their stories (be they novels, comics, etc.) The most effective approach always seems to be to start by creating visuals of characters. It gets people interested in knowing a bit more about the characters and they sometimes start to feel invested.

        Thanks for the kind words about my project. One day I’m sure I’ll have a painting to go with each chapter, it just might not happen as the chapter is first published, ha ha. Commissioning works well too! I just finished working with a really talented artist who did the piece for my latest chapter and I loooove it!

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  6. While true, that could still be a difficult proposition for many pre-revenue writers….. Money for editing, cover design etc can get steep to self publish on the HOPE that it will break even or make a profit.

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