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Sorry, I haven’t been posting anything lately. I’ve been busy watching a new anime and working on Clash of Tides. My goal is to finish Clash of Tides and Love for an Angel by the end of the year; so naturally, I’m trying to meet my deadlines. I’ve also been working on my short stories for publication, so I’ve been busy.

However, this takes me to the point of today’s blog post. When writing, it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like we’ll never accomplish our goals. To remind myself what I am writing for, I’ll often list out my end goals for the week or month, but those aren’t my ultimate writing goals. Today, if you would like, comment on what your ultimate writing goals are. Whether to publish a novel, a book of poems, short stories or one day write multiple books, listing your dreams can help motivate you to write.

If you have a dedicated writing area, pin up your goals. Anytime things feel hopeless, read your goals out loud and say, “I can do this.”

Liz recently told me the writer who wrote The Help got rejected 60 times, but she didn’t give up. In an excerpt from an interview with Katheryn, she said, “I wasn’t about to move on to the next one just because of a few stupid letters. I wanted to write this book.”

Katheryn Stockett wasn’t going to try to publish a new book until The Help got published. You all know the rest of the story, she became a best-seller, and her book was adapted into a major motion picture.

List out your goals, pin them up, and let them strengthen your resolve to keep on writing.

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13 thoughts on “Your Writing Goals

  1. If I’m being super honest, I’d love to be published. But I think it might be better for me to think in terms of steps: 1) finish the Star and the Ocean, 2) complete the series it’s part of, and then 3) work on getting the whole thing published.

    We’ll see how things go! Just finishing this book would be amazing to be honest.

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  2. I would like to be published, but I am already almost there….. So I guess it is time to move past that goal. I would love for my work to speak to people, lasting into the ages and essentially making me immortal. A bard for the ages…. but I’ll settle on being one of my generations pulp writers.

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  3. I love The Help and had no idea that it was rejected 60 times. That’s actually really encouraging! My ultimate goal as a writer is to publish my completed manuscripts. It seems that I will never get there due to all the rejections, but it’s a dream of mine. I have posted some snippets from my books on my blog so that one way or another someone will read them.

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