Using Different Mediums to learn Story Telling

Recently, I’ve been too distracted to write, which is not a good thing. When life starts to take its toll on me, and I find myself not putting down words on paper, I try to improve my writing using different methods.

The age old advice for writers is to read and write. Simple, right? If you want to be a writer, then you have to read, and you have to write. Well, most people write and read on a daily bias, don’t they?


If you go to school, you read textbooks and your teachers’ notes. You write papers, your notes, and do writing assignments. If you work, you read emails, read research online, and write emails to your co-workers.

However, that will not teach you how to write fiction. Writing fiction is a different beast than daily writing. I’m sure most of us writers know that.

With fiction writing, we have to analyze use of dialogue, description, plot, and characterization. Whew, as fiction writers, we have to know a lot. And let’s not forget good grammar, spelling, and use of vocabulary.

Just thinking about all that makes my head spin, but luckily, we can learn all that from all forms of media, too.

For example, I’ve been watching an anime called Parasyte. 7d31dfaf49397a8cc1e490ccedea04e21422401583_full

The story is so engaging I have been watching 2-3 episodes a day. What I love most about the series is the character development. The main character, Shinichi, starts off so scared of everything, even a spider. His transformation through the story is some of the best development I have ever seen. Each stage of his development makes complete sense and builds on each other.

Not only is his growth fantastic, but the plot and mystery add depth to the story. The supporting characters each have their own goals and trails that shape the main character’s resolve.

Since I watch the show using Japanese subtitles, I also get a good lesson in grammar and realistic dialogue. I don’t want to make this post too long, but if you find you don’t have time to write, watch a good TV show. Study the plot of the show, characters, and dialogue.

Ask yourself:

Is the main character progressing at a believable rate?

What role do the supporting characters play?

Is there a hook and decent background?

Does each scene advance the story or is there too much filler?  

You actually may learn something that helps with your own story. After watching Parasyte, I realize I need to add more depth to my supporting characters, while not making them overshadow the main character.  Of course, the show isn’t without its flaws, but nothing is perfect ^__^

Is there a TV show that helped you to improve your writing?


9 thoughts on “Using Different Mediums to learn Story Telling

  1. I mostly got help from all the graphic novels I’ve read over the years.

    Basically, I try to have all the characters be likable and believable. (which is easier said than done for me) There’s also pacing problems.

    There certainly are TV shows that helped me, but most of it came from reading graphic novels/manga and the like.

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  2. I actually learned a fair bit (ironically) back in the day gaming. Playing games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Siren, and also the Fatal Frame series shaped a lot of my future writing.

    I still play many of these series today, mostly for nostalgia but also because I love horror. I agree, even more so in today’s modern age, you can learn a lot from all mediums of storytelling.

    Cheers! ^_^

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    • Yes! I love the Silent Hill and Resident Evil games. Ahh!! I love horror!! I’m trying to get better at writing horror right now. Sometimes when I’m working on a story. I creep myself out O_O.

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      • It can get that way if you are researching something I suppose. As far as simply getting the creeps while writing the story itself, I suppose that depends on the person, what they are writing about, and how easily they are spooked.

        There is nothing wrong with getting creeped out though. I’m sure your horror will come along just fine with time and practice. It is always awesome to try and improve your writing in any genre. I know and identify with horror best, but I do like to experiment with my other blog and am very much trying to hone other genres over there.

        Good luck on your own writing journey! ^_^


    • I feel like anime is such a good medium to learn story telling =) I’ve never seen that anime, though. Yes, that is true – most shows do have something to offer. Thanks for commenting!

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