The Writer’s Mind

The post has spoilers for the movie Suicide Squad

Based on the spoiler alert, I’m sure you have some idea of what I will be discussing today. Yes, that’s right, Suicide Squad!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want spoilers, then please don’t read this post. Alright then, now since that is out of the way, onto the post!

Yes, the writer’s mind! The writer’s mind kept nagging me as I tried to enjoy watching the movie yesterday. Why did it keep nagging me you ask? Well, because it couldn’t stop finding everything wrong with the movie.

As a child of the 90s, I enjoyed watching the old cartoons about DC Comics – Batman, The Joker, Superman, and The Justice League. It wasn’t just the cartoons; it was even the old shows: The Adventures of Lois & Clark, Wonder Woman, and the live Batman movies.

When I saw the trailer for Suicide Squad and all the pretty colors, I couldn’t help but think, “Yessss! This movie is going to be awesome!” After all, I loved the Avengers, and I knew nothing about the Marvel comics. And I mean nothing.

I happily sat in my chair next to the boyfriend, with popcorn in my lap eager to watch the movie.

As the movie played, my face went through the following stages:


Then, it was like, huh:




I’m finding another hard thing about being a writer – the inability to shut off the judgment of a movie, book, video game, or TV show. My writer’s mind kept screaming out, wondering how Warner Bothers could ruin a movie with such potential. There were so many pacing issues, bad dialogue, and lack of central characters that made the movie fall short.

The Joker – who is one of my favorite characters – had little to no screen time. The antagonist was the classic it’s a God cliché. When I saw they were moving that direction, all I could think was:


My mind lashed out, replacing dialogue with my own creation, adding scenes that would have enhanced character development, and analyzing where everything went wrong. Sadly, it ended me with walking out and saying, “I could have written a better script!”

Again, my writer’s mind took over, and the movie turned into “everything not to do when writing your own story.”

Ugh, now I don’t feel like going to the movies for a few months. Sigh…too bad the boyfriend wants to see Star Trek. Hopefully, my writer’s mind won’t dissect that one to pieces.



2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Mind

  1. What you do while experiencing these mediums of storytelling isn’t a bad thing. We all do it. Try literally doing reviews. I did that for a while and believe me when I say it really teaches you quite a bit but at the same time drives you mad because it makes gaming and the medium(s) of storytelling you are reviewing completely different because you can’t shut off that part of your brain that picks it apart.

    It is part of the reason I stopped reviewing things. It hasn’t completely made the mindset go away but it has definitely toned it down exponentially. In your case, you are right, being a writer makes you look at others work critically to some degree. You can use this to be overly critical and ruin the fun or you can use it to do things like learn from these stories and what is right or wrong in your opinion of them and integrate the things you have judged and learned from them into your own writing.

    You don’t need to think overly critically about your own work but you can use certain aspects to become a better writer. Don’t over do it though. That can also send you into a spiral where you believe everything you do is terrible or you are afraid to do something because you are so critical of your own and others work that you won’t even put pen to paper or type out your ideas.

    Creating your own writers block. Never any fun. Been there, done that.

    Hard to pull out of but not impossible.

    I once had writers block for 5 years…no joke. I know the feeling of hopelessness that can come with the that. There are a lot reasons as to why that happened but never give up with your writing.

    You seem genuinely passionate about it. That is awesome. Plus I enjoy reading your poetry etc. I don’t just say that either. I genuinely enjoy it or I would never have followed you, or bother to like or comment or both on anything you do.

    Good luck.

    Cheers! ^_^


  2. I can shut my mind off and just relax and enjoy, a skill I was taught in the Army. Lots of waiting, lots of boredom, and so lots of time to think. That can be good, until you’re in pain (various endeavors of military life hurt) so you have to STOP thinking or all you’ll think about is the pain. Come to think of it, you learn that skill in contact sports as well. Anyway, I digress… just learn to let go, turn off the mind and enjoy it for its own sake. Though even THAT skill couldn’t save Batman VS Superman.

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