Taking a Step Back

Recently I made a significant change in my life; a move that I’m excited about. Making this change and knowing I could do it made me assess my thinking process. As writers, and especially as young writers, we sometimes feel like failures. I know I do. However, I’ve decided to take a step back and acknowledge my worth. I want to nurture my worth as an individual and writer. As I always say, building yourself up is hard, and accomplishing your dreams is never easy. You have to keep on going, even if you don’t feel like your good enough.

Yesterday, I went out and asked someone what is the most important lesson they have learned in life so far. And they said, “Never stop learning.”

As a human being and writer, what they said resonated with me. Never stop learning, and keep on going. To follow my own advice, I’m making it my goal not to feel depressed about my writing. I can do this; I know I can. If I can move across the country, get a job, make friends, and take writing classes at the same time, I can do this.

When in doubt, chant a mantra, “I can do this.”

When you chant that mantra, be easy on yourself. So who cares if you didn’t write that chapter good enough? Re-write it.

You didn’t win that short story contest. Sit down and write another short story.

Take a deep breath, and then say, “I can do this.”

No more feeling like a failure. I have books to write, and so do you!



6 thoughts on “Taking a Step Back

  1. Don’t you dare feel like a failure! You’re a young writer with from what I can see is a significant amount of pages behind you. That’s not a failure at all. Failing is not writing. Sure, we crave that external validation which usually manifests itself in the form of contest winning and publication, but that’s not the be all end all, nor is it the only form of validation. Hopefully I’m not sounding self-righteous or being hypocritical LOL. Heck, I also have bouts of self-doubt and stagnancy. Let’s all of us lean on each other when the going gets tough, m’kay?

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  2. “Never stop learning.” That is some excellent advice. Often times the harshest and most pretentious people are the ones who think they’ve mastered it all. They rest on their laurels and feel secure in their prowess.

    I’m glad you found some perspective and are charging forward. Your journey will be full of these ups and downs. When you find yourself in the dumps again I would encourage you to re-read this post you made today. It motivated me, I imagine it will motivate you in the future.


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