(Image is taken from an artist on DA. It’s not mine) 

Love for an Angel Poem

I stayed in the darkness,
Waiting for you to be by my side

You were supposed to go with me,
To the domain I created for us

Instead, you left me,
Staying in Heaven with my enemies

One day I will rise, and together,
We will be the Gods of this world

I made images of you so that I wouldn’t forget you
Even though it wasn’t real, it was like you were with me

One day you will know the truth,
You are more than just an angel; you are the key to everything.

This poem was inspired by Lucifer’s point of view. During his time in Hell without Lana, he would often create images of her. The poem also hints at what chapter 14 touched on. That Lana could be more than what she believes she is. At one point, Lucifer was very close to God; essentially, Lucifer was his right hand. However, well, you know how the story goes. I hope this poem gets readers excited to read more of the story.


5 thoughts on “Resemblance

    • Thanks so much! I do try to write spin-offs and expand the worlds in my stories. I feel like Lucifer’s feelings towards Lana are heartbreaking. He loves her, misses her, but he has to deal with the fact she chose God over him. Needless to say, he isn’t happy about it.

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