Writers! Share your Stories!

This post is different than what I usually do. Today and tomorrow, I want to interact with more writers on WordPress. For those of you who post your work online, drop a comment on this post and tell me about your story. What’s the blurb? What inspired you to write the story? What is your overall goal for the book?

I want to hear from you, and maybe sharing your story will encourage others to read it =)

Please comment! My goal is to get more writers on WordPress interacting with each other.


25 thoughts on “Writers! Share your Stories!

  1. I’ve been writing since I was a little girl because I always had all these imaginations and stories in my head. But I started a blog because my parents got divorced and it really affected me. I stopped writing for a long time and finally decided I needed to start writing again and get it out of my system. I’m still struggling with it but I realized I should be doing more with my blog like reviews so I can improve my skills and so eventually I can show it to a potential employer! I love this post, by the way. Great idea and I appreciate you taking this time to interact with other bloggers 🙂

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    • Thanks for commenting on my post! I’m sorry to hear about your family situation, but at least it inspired you to write again. Like you, I took a break from writing, but my goal now is to publish books and freelance in the future.

      I followed your blog so I can read your reviews! Are you writing any books, short stories, or poems right now?

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  2. Ah! This is such a good idea! I’ve been hoping to connect with other writers so thanks for doing this.

    My story is called “The Star and the Ocean”. Here’s the (very rough) blurb/summary:

    May had spent the last four years quietly rebuilding her life after a scandal left her scorned and on her own in the isolated island village she called home. Desperately lonely and at constant war with herself, she had almost given up hope that her life would ever be more than obediently trying to redeem herself when Em, a strange and wonderful vagabond, mysteriously washes up on the beach.

    The stranger brings with her waves of change; Em comes to entrust May with a brilliant secret and, placing their faith in each other, they begin to navigate the uncertain waters of new beginnings and self acceptance.

    But as Em’s past starts to catch up with her, May has to make a choice: stay tied to the only life she’s ever known or embrace the dangerous new world waiting for them both beyond the shores of her island home?

    The story is currently stand-alone with series potential, and I publish new chapters on Tuesdays and Fridays.

    I have classified the story as fantasy, and it falls into the sub-genre of magic realism. Like all of my creative writing, the story works to normalize LGBTQA characters and themes in fiction.

    I’ve had this story in mind for well over half of my life but it was’t until I was finally coming to terms with my sexuality that I finally decided to write it. I want to write the kinds of books I wish I’d had better access to when I was still navigating my own identity.

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    • Thank you so much! I’ve wanted to connect with other writers for a while now. Oh! I like your blurb. It’s direct, mentioning the problem, the protagonist, and the changes that are coming into her life. It’s good that you update twice a week. The more you update, the more readers will find your story.

      Ah, I admire that you are writing the kind of books you wish to read. For me, I write black female characters as the protagonists in my stories. I want to bring more awareness to black women in fiction.

      It sounds like we both have goals for our stories^^

      How many readers do you have?

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      • I honestly have no idea how many readers I have. I can cobble together how many reads the story has gotten between the different platforms I post it on but I don’t really know how many people are actually following along, which is a little disheartening. Ah, well. I’m just trying to be patient!


  3. That’s a great idea! I don’t write long stories on WordPress. I typically just stick to flash fiction or less than 700 words so readers can grab a quick read before work or something. I reserve my longer stories for Wattpad.

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  4. Great concept! Hopefully your drum up some interest. If I had something I could share I would. Clash of Tides is on my read list thought, for what it’s worth.

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    • Thanks! I’ve wanted to post something like that for a while now, so I’m hoping more people will share their writing experiences. Oh, well, I don’t know if Clash of Tides is your thing lol. It has a lot of “mature” romance in it. It’s a darker type of fantasy romance. I do plan to post 9/Nine Realms. It’s more like a Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones story without much romance.

      As always, thanks for stopping by and commenting^^

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  5. I am the lead author of The Diaries of the Cwn Annwn, a series base loosely on the Welsh legends of the Cwn Annwn and Ddraig Goch. The characters are woven in with current affairs, with a bit of romance and a good chunk of action thrown in. We started writing our stories on Facebook, before biting the proverbial bullet in 2015 and publishing our first book, “Bound”. “Alpha” followed six months later, and “Beta” is planned for a September 2016 launch. All the books are available on Amazon, Smashwords and iTunes as well as in print format.

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    • Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by and responding to me. I do love a story with a bit of romance and action thrown together. Neat! I’ve never heard of a writer who started posting on Facebook first. What prompted you to post your work on Facebook? Did you self-publish or traditionally publish? Sorry for the horde of questions. I just love talking to published authors.


      • My friends and I met in a Facebook fan fiction role-play group. When we started writing, it seemed logical to follow a similar format. We decide which characters are involved in each novel and divide the ‘roles’ between us.

        Our books are self-published with the only external contribution being the cover artwork, which has been designed by a friend of mine.

        Our main reason for self-publishing was control. Royalties for a new book or series are relatively low, so why give a large part to an agent or publisher.

        We have published two books, with a third due in September. However there are ten books so far in the full series.

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  6. Great idea 🙂 I haven’t posted longer works on my blog yet although I plan to in the future. For now, it’s mainly poetry or short stories and advice for writers as well as inspiration. I started my blog to reach out to the writer community while I work on my story that I hope to publish one day.

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  7. A good idea as always.

    You know about my two published works and about my site with my friend about our collaborative stories so here’s a link for your readers and friends – https://fitzyandgardeniaspage.wordpress.com/

    I haven’t been at wordpress for long, but is there a way to add a forum page to our sites? That way, the writers who want to communicate with other writers can talk non stop and bring up new topics in one place on different blogs because each of us thinks up different topics. That may be a good idea…. hmmm.

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  8. First, I currently write stories in the Human Legion Universe for author Tim C. Taylor and I love it. I was a fan of his works before I landed the contract and I’ve had fun working with him. It has helped me write better, learn the industry and the feed back has been invaluable.

    As for my own work, I am in the beginning stages of creating my own universe. The whole story idea came to me from a game I used to play. It was a mobile game, basically an iPhone app, called Game of War: Fire Age and I’ve played it in varying degrees for about the last two years. In the beginning, when I went rogue and started my own alliance instead of joining someone else’s, I was struggling to find a bad arsed name. I saw that everywhere was Rome this, Sparta that and I wanted to be different. What can I say, I’m contrarian by nature. As the ruling alliance was using monikers referencing the Roman Empire, I chose their arch rivals… Hannibal and Carthage. Truthfully, it was solely picked to contrary. Okay, I did enjoy reading A BOY MARCHES WITH HANNIBAL as a kid but that was secondary to thumbing my nose to the powers that be. Our alliance was called New Carthage so I thought of the NC in-game tag, but it had to be three letters, hence NCR. I later realized that that tag was also used in the Fallout: New Vegas Xbox game to represent the New California Republic. When I decided to write my own space universe I was heavily encouraged by my friends and former alliance mates, so I decided to use my in-game tag, hence the New Carthage Republic was formed. I wish I had a cooler or more thoughtful reason, but that’s it. I even plan to include a few of the friends I made playing as characters in the book. They thought it was cool, asking only for a glorious demise. Does it get any better? LOL!! Oh, and of course they wanted the body of Greek Gods!

    That’s as close to a blurb as I can give you, as my own stories are in the world building phase and the other ones are covered by a pre-publication NDA! 🙂

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