Parents in Young Adult Fiction

I won’t lie – me and Young Adult fiction clash sometimes. However, I recently finished reading Splintered, and I loved it! I mean loved it!


This book had most elements I wanted in a story. A dark, gothic, twisted world. Well, as twisted as a young adult book will allow. And yes, I like love triangles. Yeah, yeah, hate me all you want, but I’m a sucker for a good romance book. This book has the best love triangle I’ve ever read! One of the guys is my perfect match, and I enjoyed his character so much.

In fact, he is on the cover of book two.


However, we are not here to talk about Morpheus. I wanted to discuss parents in young adult fiction. Is it just me, or does it seem parents are written like idiots? I know young adult books are focused on teens, but come on, I didn’t think my parents were THAT dumb growing up. Yeah, I could get things past them, but I had more respect for their intelligence.

In Splintered, and in the Hunger Games, it seems the moms are so…scattered brained. As I was reading the book, I was like, “Come on!!!” you can’t be so dumb!

And the dads! I guess since most young adult protagonists are female, is why the dads are always the favorite parent. Even in Hunger Games, Katniss always mentioned how she missed her father. In The Selection and Red Queen, both protagonists had a better relationship with their dads.  Sadly, I’m also guilty of this in my book, Clash of Tides. Elena misses her father because he actually cared about her. In Clash of Tides, Leona, Elena’s mother, uses her daughter to get money. However, Leona is not stupid or scattered brained. Leona is manipulative and a smart business woman.

If you write young adult books, then please, don’t make the parents dumb. It’s so annoying to read the same cliché parent type over again.

When I first read a good young adult book:


Then, when the clichés start pouring in:


Young adult stereotypes, where adults are the idiots and the teens are the smartest lol All joking aside. I hope you enjoyed this rant blog post about another young adult cliché.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post! I enjoyed reading about everyone’s stories and what inspired them to write. Also, I will be updating Clash of Tides on Sunday!!!


20 thoughts on “Parents in Young Adult Fiction

    • I know, but I still wish some cliches could change. I try to read adult fantasy books, but often times they are so boring that I go back to YA. I feel like a lot of adult fantasy books don’t have that magical element YA fantasy has.

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      • Both, actually. Maybe I haven’t read enough books yet. The major adult fantasy I read is the Anita Blake series, Game of Thrones (which isn’t too bad), Outlander, and the Gunslinger series by Stephen King. They are not bad books, but they just don’t have that quite magical element. I guess Game of Thrones and the Gunslinger series are the better ones I’ve read. The Anita Blake series and Outlander touch too much on everyday life, which over time bores me.

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      • Anita Blake is good, but it is very much involved with everyday life. I haven’t read Outlander yet, though. Jeaniene Frost’s books are awesome, those are urban fantasy just like the Fever series, but instead of the Fae, there’s vampires. And there’s more immersion into the vampire world than the human world. Same goes for Fever – as time goes on the Fae become more of a threat, and become the world.

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  1. I believe you could write a YA novel without making the parents complete idiots. I get it is a perspective thing but you are right, cliche or not, most parents aren’t as dumb as the teens may believe.

    Then against that isn’t something you understand until you are a parent generally (or at least a grown adult).

    I won’t lie though, sometimes cliche’s can be fun. More so when characters are comically self aware of the cliche’s within the story, or if I’m just in the right mood for something less serious and maybe more flawed.

    Sounds crazy, but sometimes the mood just strikes you for such things…or am I completely alone in that notion?

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  2. 1) OUTLANDER is amazing!

    2) Try Rick Riordan PERCY JACKSON series, all of them.

    3) I agree that they tend to write the protagonists as brilliant, the parents as dumb and the love triangles are so corny they should be required to post a dental advisory message.

    4) Best solution to not finding what you like on the bookshelf? Write it yourself!! 🙂


  3. I know what you mean! I actually find it kind of annoying when the parents are like ‘You are being offered as a sacrifice for the tribe? Okay honey, have a nice time!”
    Okay maybe that example is a little bit exaggerated… a tiny bit. 😀
    Don’t get me wrong I still like YA fiction, but sometimes I do rewrite it in my head. haha
    Sometimes the clicheness takes away from the characters, they just seem underdeveloped. Fair enough if the parent had a stroke or is on drugs or whatever and that is why they are distant and just don’t feel anymore, but if it’s just that they’re that way for the sake of it, I find it a little… meh. 🙂 I think there should always be a reason behind the way people are, like I’m sure Leona has reasoning behind the way she is!
    Anyway I guess that’s just my humble opinion.

    Also I wanted to encourage you. I don’t know how you continue to post so often. (I plan on trying to get my schedule together again once I get over these winter illnesses) You always have great things to say and you encourage and read other peoples posts. You’re my favourite blogger, so keep up the great work! 😀

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    • LOL, thanks for agreeing with me. It’s truly annoying how they write parents in young adult fiction. It’s like, give them some personality. I feel like a lot of young adult fiction has them that way just for the sake of it.

      Aww thanks so much^^ I try to post something at least once a day. Sometimes I’ll think of a topic in advance, write it up, and then post it. Ahh!! I’m favorite blogger?! Thank you! I always try to post things that will encourage or make people smile.

      Yep, I usually dedicate two hours to WordPress a day, so I’m also reading what people post.

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  4. I completely agree with what you said in this post. Parents in YA are wait her dumb or not really present in the teenager’s life. I’ve been reading this genre for years and it gets tiring. However, the other day I read this YA contemporary called Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, I don’t know if you’ve heard about, but I believe the portrayal of the parents was well executed.

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  5. I do agree, even my own parents aren’t that stupid. My mother is mostly busy so not much that I can do there. For what I write in ya, I tend to have parents that are mostly absent because they have to raise the family, but still bright enough to know whether their children are doing something behind their backs once they put their mind to it. Or they are dead, I do this trope quite often.

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