When I lost you,
My mind shattered

All I saw was a creature in the water,
A beast I’d never seen before

I swam for you,
but your was body sinking

I will find you, and when I do,
I will confess my feelings to you.

~ Seidon, Clash of Tides

This poem was inspired by Seidon^^ For those who read the story, this was based on chapter 1. We didn’t see this scene, but Seidon did try to save Elena before she was taken. Assan hinted to this; I believe in chapter 3 or 5. Oh! Elena was taken from a waterfall, so, hence the picture.

I hope you liked the poem. And what I’m about to ask sounds so bad, but I’m going to do it anyway, Are you team Seidon or team Assan? …Don’t hate me…


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