Writer Highs and Lows

As writers, we have our highs, and we have our lows. Here are some of the highs and lows we experience as writers:

  1. The joys of finishing a chapter

Point 1

       2. The anger of finding an error we missed in the said chapter

Point 2.gif

       3. Getting a comment praising our work

Point 3.gif

       4. Getting a comment pointing out all the flaws in our work

Point 4

          5. Coming up with the perfect scene for the next chapter

Point 5

          6. Having writer’s block

Point 6

          7. Getting fan mail from readers

Point 7.gif

          8. Dealing with internet trolls

Point 8.gif

          9. Fangirling for our own characters O_o

Point 9

          10. After editing and rewriting the first draft

Point 10.gif

          11. Finally completing the story

Point 11.gif

What are some of your writer highs and lows?

I hope this post made you all smile and laugh. Since I have some more time, I’m trying to focus on my writing and be positive. We all have our highs and lows, but focusing on the highs motivates us to keep writing.

This weekend, I will be updating Clash of Tides!


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