Tracking Stats


Since May 2016, I’ve been a blogger on WordPress. When I pressed the sign-up button and designed my blog, I didn’t know what adventures would await me. In just four months, I almost have 300 followers, and I’ve posted 151 times (including this post).

Now, you are probably wondering why this is important. Well, I’m tracking my stats. Sadly, we live in a world where tracking progress is central to growing our platform. For me, blogging isn’t just for fun. My goal is to build my writer platform and market my stories. Have I succeeded at that yet? Honestly, no, I haven’t, but I don’t want to give up.

As writers who blog and promote our work, stats are milestones for us. Since I’ve been blogging for four months, I’m tracking my fourth-month stats. Once I get to December, I’ll see if my stats have jumped.

One blogger I follow posted her stats from the beginning, and then tracked when she became popular. I’m sure many of you do this already, but try to get in the habit of tracking your progress. It’s nice to see how far you’ve come and to see where you are going.

So far, my stats have confirmed:

  1. Readers from Wattpad are coming to my blog
  2. Many readers are re-reading Clash of Tides, a lot!
  3. While people are reading, there is little to no comments on the chapters
  4. My funny posts get the highest readers (you guys like them gif posts^^)

June status.png

FYI, June has the most stats because I updated twice. =) Still, my stats don’t compare to popular writers, so I still have a lot of work to do!

What do your stats look like? If you want to, share so we can discuss!


15 thoughts on “Tracking Stats

  1. I too have started to track my stats, I love seeing which countries people are reading my blog. Always fascinated me, last two months I’ve been pretty active and have received 109 followers which pleases me no end. I think we are on the same wavelength as people read but not many comments. It’s a great site for motivating my creative side. Thanks for the post.

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      • Yeah I feel the same, get a bit of feedback. I don’t mind negative feedback as we all learn from each other. Well I just keep writing, I actually just write whatevers in my head live. Then hope people like it haha. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a comment, maybe you should make a post solely about comments, maybe get you some results.


  2. You and I have similar numbers mostly because I stick to one to two posts per day and if a post gets enough views, then I wouldn’t even bother with a second post. Your stats looks good, by the way, for the length of time you’ve been blog. It took me about two years to get to where you are and in the last year, I’ve plateaued. I’m okay with that since I’m pretty busy outside blogging.

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    • Thanks! I only have those views because of my readers on Wattpad. When I update chapters on my WordPress site, I let my Wattpad readers know so they can read it. I had a few issues on Wattpad; therefore, I post my chapters here. I’m hoping to expand my readership, though. I guess I’ll see how it goes.

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      • They do not include people who view your post in subscription emails. Also does not include views from WordPress reader unless the reader opens your page. Also 1 view of the archives can equate to someone reading 5+ posts.

        Stats are woefully inaccurate. You could potentially have a day where you got 30000 likes 5000 comments, make £4000 of affiliates and sales, but only get 1000 views.


  3. As you use your blog to attempt to monetize your writing, I caution you to be very careful with the images you choose to use. You don’t want to inadvertently use copyrighted stuff, without giving credit to the creator AND knowing it is in the creative commons for free usage. That was why I had to recently scrub my blog and why I no longer reblog others. I WILL share what I like, but with a short intro, sharing a few lines from the author and then giving them the link. Just being safe, since lawsuits and lawyers stink when they smell blood and your their next meal. Otherwise, I do enjoy your blog and have fun commenting and reading others comments.

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  4. A.M., I thank you for this heartfelt remind that it’s okay for me to obsess (to a healthy degree) about stats and followers. I have yet to get to that point, but I’m well on my way as I try to more firmly establish my own blogging platform. Numbers matter! As we write more authentically, it is my hope that our numbers will grow 🙂

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    • You’re very welcome! Numbers do matter, and there is nothing wrong with wanting more reads and followers. As I said in my post, we measure our success based on stats. Whether the money we earn, test scores, or book ratings, it’s all stats^^


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