Flash Fiction: Reminders

“Read your Bible,” my mother tells me again, reminding me for the 10th time during our phone conversation.

“I will,” I lie, hoping she’ll stop mentioning it.

“Good, and remember, God loves you,” she says. As she talks, I can hear the warmth in her voice, and I can tell she is smiling.

Ever since I was little, she told me about God. She taught me the ways of the Bible, right from wrong, and that mankind’s purpose is to serve our heavenly father. Like always, I brush her words aside and say, “I know, but I have to go now, have a good night.”

She responds with a “you, too” and hangs up the phone. I sigh and wonder if there is any meaning to her words – the continuous go back to the hall, read your Bible, and pray to Jehovah.

I shake my head, tried of the thoughts swirling inside me. Since I have work tomorrow, I shut off the lights and close my eyes.


After a good night’s rest and hearing the annoying music of my alarm clock, I leap from the bed. Slowly I stroll to the washroom when something strange catches my attention. I don’t hear any noise outside. Shrugging my shoulders, I think nothing of it. Once I put on my clothes for the day, I walk downstairs, but still, I hear nothing. Since I live in a townhouse, I always hear noise: people talking, kids playing, cars honking, or the sound of local street traffic.

Curious, I walk to the window. Everything looks normal. The sun is shining, and the sky is cloudless. Maybe I’m over thinking it. Quickly I grab my keys, my purse, and then walk outside. I stand still, sweeping my eyes around the area. There is no one in sight; it’s quiet. Now, I know something is wrong. I shift around my purse for my cell phone, when I see a bunch of missed text messages. Some are from my friends, but most of them are for my mom. The messages all say the same thing, ‘Go to the hall!’ Pray to Jehovah’ and the last one I read is, ‘I wish you would have listened to my warning.’

For those of you who don’t know much about me, my parents are Jehovah Witnesses. My mom is always telling me go back to the hall and read my bible. This short story came out of my fear of what would happen one day. Sometimes I wonder if everything she tells me is really a warning, and instead of listening to her, this is the result.

Yes, I know a normal person would have turned on the news, but I usually just shower, get dressed, and then run out the door in the morning. No news or computer. I also hate watching the news > <


12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Reminders

  1. I liked this too–and I’m glad you shared the origins of the story, and how elements of the beliefs and culture we grow up in continue to influence us. (Even if we grow out of some parts of them.)

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