A Writer’s Reflection

I know this post is late, but I wanted to write this. Today is the last day of the month, and we officially have four months left in the year. It’s frightening how fast time goes when you are an adult. Often I wonder why time seems to move more quickly in adulthood than childhood. I figure it’s because our lives are more robotic, and nothing is new to us anymore.

When you are younger, you’re impatient. You want to advance life faster, to get that driver’s license, to drink, and rent a car for the first time. However, none of that matters when you are older. It’s been there done that.

Today I started reflecting on what I want to accomplish for the rest of this year and next year. My goals:

  1. Finish Clash of Tides and Love for an Angel by the end of the year
  2. Write at least ten short stories and submit them for publication
  3. Improve my craft and build up my vocabulary
  4. Get better at photo manipulation
  5. Start writing 9/Nine Realms and Spoiled Rich Girl (Title Pending)

So far, this is all I have. I’m sure more will come to me, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I’ve accomplished a lot this year, or I feel like I have. Clash of Tides is over halfway done, but Love for an Angel still has a way to go. If any of you feel like you haven’t reached your writing goals this year, then just take some time to reflect on the past few months. Make a list of what you’ve done and haven’t done. The end of the year hasn’t happened yet, so there is still time to catch up. Also, you may have produced more writing than you initially thought. So, reflect on your writing, and figure out where you want to be four months from now. Playing catch up isn’t always a bad thing.

To my fellow writers, have you accomplished your goals for this year, or will you have to play catch up?



14 thoughts on “A Writer’s Reflection

  1. I wish you the best on meeting your goals 🙂 I started doing quarterly goals, mainly directed towards my writing but it is very general. It helps keep in check on what my personal needs and projects are and to keep with them. So far, I’ve been doing pretty great with it :3

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  2. Hah! I’m in a constant state of catch up. I do the same exact thing you are doing though. I try to make realistic goals, list them, and post them on WordPress. As a stay-at-home dad/hermit it’s nice having people out there to hold me accountable.

    Side Rant: I can’t believe the end of the year is looming. I feel baby Thor was born yesterday and it’s been 9-months. I’m going to wake up an old man one of these mornings and wonder where my life went.


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