Blood and Love (1)

Blood and Love title series

(CCO image and I added the text)

A/N: This is a short series I’ve wanted to write for a while. It’s called Blood and Love. The inspiration for this series is from the song Under the Sheets by Ellie Goulding. I want to keep every piece short for my blog, so it will be posted in parts. 

Like all the boys before
Like all the boys boys boys boys
Like all the boys before
Like all the boys boys boys boys

You left a blood stain on the floor
You set your sights on him
You left a hand print on the door
Like all the boys before, like all the boys before

When we first met, I should have known better, but I learned love does blind a person. My family loved me, and they told me you weren’t right for me. However, I didn’t listen; you made sure of that. After my mom had threatened you with a restraining order to stay away from me, you came to the house. It was either my loving family, or my protective boyfriend who wanted to be with me, or at least that was the lie you told me. Like the fool I was, I said, “You, and only you.”

You smiled then and stroked my hair. You replied, “That’s my girl.”

I screamed at my elderly mother and almost attacked my old dad, but it was for you, for us. I grabbed my stuff, threw it in the suite case, and then we drove away. It was the start of our lives together, of the downfall I was descending to.

A/N: The next part will be posted tomorrow. 


11 thoughts on “Blood and Love (1)

  1. You have my full attention. I’m already interested in seeing what happens next and invested in the series. I look forward to reading tomorrow’s entry, although it may or may not happen tomorrow as we are working on the move and everything so we have a lot of stuff to throw out tomorrow.

    Cheers! ^_^

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