Female Vampire Under Moon


This was created using Gimp and four different stock images. The model can be found at: http://mirish.deviantart.com/art/Vampire-stock-7-420819053.

I’m still trying to get better at doing the photo clean-up. I hope you like it! I feel like this image alone would be a good book cover. Of course, after I do more editing. In other news, I got a commission of Elena done. I don’t why, but meh, at least the artist did a good job.


17 thoughts on “Female Vampire Under Moon

  1. Nice job! Keep working and you will continuously improve. This is also what I try to do over at QE. I find public domain images and use photoshop to bend them to my will. I have the advantage of being taught photoshop and using it for years. Whatever program you’re using, you will likely start finding shortcuts and tools to speed your productivity and flow.

    I’m excited to see you are working with graphic design! It’s another passion of mine as well 😀 Have fun! That’s what it’s all about. If you love what you do, it’s not work.

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    • Ah! So that is your secret! I was wondering how you had such awesome images on your post. I don’t have the money for Photoshop, so I use Gimp. However, I heard if you can use Gimp, then you can use Photoshop too. Maybe one day when I get more money, I’ll buy it.

      I love graphic design! Making images out of nothing is always so much fun! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I’m happy you liked my crappy little vampire under the moon.

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      • I’ve been using Photoshop Elements up until last week. Full on Photoshop is a monthly payment, while Elements is a one time deal. Honestly, for basic photo manipulation Elements is likely all you need (and again, a one time purchase).

        The only reason I upgraded is I want to work on my illustration skills and have bought a drawing tablet attachment for my desktop so I can work on digital painting and drawing. I used to be a decent artist when I was younger, but it’s something that fades if you don’t use it. Might be useful if I ever want to turn Wastelander into a graphic novel and don’t want to pay someone else to do draw the thing 😉


      • I forgot! If you ever do snag Elements this is the best website I’ve found that it jam packed with amazing tips and tricks to use photoshop for painting and art in general. There might be some tools and trick to glean using Gimp as well. I looked at the tools panel and pallets on Gimp and they are very similar to Elements.

        Anyways, the website has 100’s of free videos that are step-by-step and in perfect resolution. It saves you the time have scouring Youtube to find instructional information. These videos also cover basic art school (drawing) techniques. I give it a QE 500 thumbs up (because I recently grew some extra arms to get things done).



      • Last comment, I promise.

        One way to blend your edges (in my opinion) is to snag the brush tool and change the tip to the soft tip. Then adjust the opacity of the brush (which is likely preset to 100 percent) down to maybe 40. This changes how much color comes out of the brush when you click.

        Zoom in on your edges. In photoshop if I hold down control+alt it bring up a little dropper, that lets me sample a color from my image. I see the dropper on the Gimp toolbar if the shortcut doesn’t work. Regardless, after you have zoomed in sample a color near the edge. This will assign that color to your brush.

        Then begin painting the edges of the image with the brush. If you have the opacity reduced you will see how this softens the edges of the painting. I zoom in, tackle an area, then zoom back out to make sure it looks decent. Rinse and repeat. This is called feathering. It’s simple tool that has lots of applications.

        For Elements/Photoshop the undo option is Control+Z. If you want to undo multiple times it’s Control+Z+Alt. (Maybe see if this is the same for Gimp.) This is nice for those moments when you zoom back out and realize you have absolutely butchered a section of feathering, or selected the wrong color to start with.

        If you know all of this already, please don’t think I was trying to wow you with knowledge or show off. I just know how frustrating it can be to try to accomplish something in a graphic program and not get the result I wanted or intended.

        Best of luck to you! 😀


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