Clash of Tides – Elena, Base Color

This morning, I got a wonderful surprise! The artist I got to commission Elena sent me the drawing with her base color.

Again, it’s so strange seeing my character coming to life. Now since I’ve seen her in color, I’m inspired to write her story again. Once the artist completes Elena’s drawing, I’ll splice the following images together:

Seidon x Elena  

Assan x Elena  

Elena alone in an 18th-century setting  

Ahh!! I can’t wait to do the drawings. Here she is with the base color:


(Artist can be found here:

I was thinking of having her a little darker, but she is slightly modeled off Alicia Keys. For those who like the picture, yes, she is biracial. Ah! I can’t wait to do the splice of her and Assan, and her and Seidon. I felt the artist did a great job capturing her innocence. Sigh…I put so much effort into my stories, but it never pays off.

Anyway, I hope you like the picture!


30 thoughts on “Clash of Tides – Elena, Base Color

    • Thanks! Ah, that’s another look I was going for since she is mixed (half-white/half-black). Yes, I did change my site^^ Yeah, I know, but I do view myself as a failed writer. I wasn’t even able to build up a following online =(

      I may do it this year, but I don’t know what story I would write. Are you going to do it?


      • As a self-published author, I can tell you one thing truthfully. Followers don’t make you a writer, you yourself do. You need to write for yourself and people read it, great. If people glance at it, great. If people don’t see it, great. You have seen it and there will always be someone who will be there from from the start to finish. You write and you don’t give up on writing. You continue building up your characters and working closely with artists. I don’t see that as failure, I see that as amazing. A failed writer is someone who gives up and stops caring about own characters. If you you say you are a failed author to the public, it’s demeaning to yourself. Let someone else say it and think, “are they serious? Do they really believe it or… are they jealous?” The artist wouldn’t have worked hours for you to finish with that drawing if the artist did not believe in you and your work. Artists care and when they stop caring thats when you can start thinking that you failed at something, but it doesn’t mean that you failed as an author.

        I’m not sure. I may use it to finish my book 3 and then will send it off to a proofreader and an editor or two. It’s pretty difficult, third book, tons of research.

        PS: If you seen my post: A gift of a short story? You can make a request, too. I would love to gift you a short story. Let me know. ^_^

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      • Thanks! I’m happy you seem my efforts as amazing. I do know what you mean, but sadly, I still see myself as a failure. I’ve had a lot of friends, and writer friends tell me I’m not a failure. For some reason, I can’t get the idea out of my head.

        My goal was to get a decent online following, and after not getting it, I guess my drive died. I know I need to get over that thinking, though.
        Ugh, research is another hard thing about writing.

        Aww, you are so sweet. I’ll definitely request a story^^

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      • You’re welcome.

        I started blogging and getting reviews after getting my stuff published. It became easier because I proved to people that I can finish projects, find illustrators, editors, proofreaders, and beta readers. So, the drive may have died for you, but from my experience, it’s a lot easier once people see a finished product so if you finish one story and share it, be it a novella even, it will get them to return. No one likes staying at cliffhanger after cliffhanger.

        Awesome. I just made another update because I received one more request. My brain is going to be busy with short stories. This is going to be fun. ^_^

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      • I agree with you about that. I’m trying to get to a point where I don’t care about online readers anymore. One of the reasons I pulled my stories down is because I want to get back to me and the writing. I don’t want to worry about updating, building a fanbase or anything like that anymore. However, I do enjoy sharing my characters with people online. I kind of feel bad about taking the story away from readers, but no has messaged me like they cared anyway.

        That’s great! I’ll request my story soon, but I’m still thinking of ideas.

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      • Hey! I resent that. I didn’t like it that you took off Elena. I even bookmarked it for myself on one of my blog posts.

        Going back to basics always helps.

        Awesome and of course take your time, just make sure to send it in by the last day of September.

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      • Lol, well you are one of the few people who told me you miss Elena’s story.
        It does help, and it’s nice having no worries about updating and people’s comments. However, a part of me still feels bad. Maybe if I wasn’t sure a failure, I would post it back up.

        Thanks, I’ll submit it sometime later tomorrow.

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