Notice Me, For I am Small

Notice Me, For I am Small

There is so many like me,
we can flood a room or form a sea.

Each one of us has something unique to tell,
but first, you need to notice us

We were created with love, to be shared with the world,
but it’s not easy, you see, because no one has noticed me.

I want to be touched, held, and enjoyed,
I want to take you away with me, even for only a short period a day

So please, will you notice me, will you notice us?

– For the stories out there waiting to be recognized, even my own

I was inspired to write this poem when I was looking on Amazon for a new book to read. There were so many choices, I felt like I was flooded with books, and all of them just wanted to be noticed.

Also, I would like to share something with all of you. It’s interesting, even though I pulled my stories down, Clash of Tides doesn’t want to leave this blog. This morning I awoke to another surprise. The fantastic Shadow at Tales of Ryllia created a Clash of Tides teaser for me^^


Isn’t it wonderful?!! I love it! Now I feel bad for taking the story down =(

I hope you liked the poem!!! And for all the writers out there, I hope your books get noticed one day. All stories created with love, hard work, and passion deserve to be picked from the sea ^___^ lol, I did a Clash of Tides reference there > <


10 thoughts on “Notice Me, For I am Small

      • I have read your story before on and was sad to see that you took it down over there. In hopes of finding the story on your linked website I came here but I’m sad to see that half of the chapters have been taken down as well. I thought this story was wonderful and I hope you decide to put it back up because it was so breathtakingly beautiful. You made the reader feel every emotion the character felt and you ended every chapter on a cliff hanger which mad it mysterious and I couldn’t stop reading. I think this story has so much potential to be published and I hope you decide to put he story back up becuase such a beautiful work of art shouldn’t be kept from the world. I truly think your an amazing writer. I hope you actually to put the story back up on all the old platforms you used to use so the world can enjoy your work.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post^^ I’m glad you liked the story. As for posting it back up on my old platforms, sorry, but I won’t be doing that. If the story did better on, I maybe would have kept it posted.

        Right now, I’m finishing the story and then editing it for publication. However, I really do appreciate your comment and for seeking the story out. One day, I may post the chapters back to my blog.


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