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Recently, someone told me I have a lot of readers for my blog. While yes, I do have readers (and I appreciate every single one of you), but it didn’t come easy. I spend about 1-2 hours a day on WP. During that time, I read and comment on the blogs of people I follow. After that, I click on the tags I’m interested in and read those blogs.

If you haven’t noticed, I love to read other people’s post and then comment. Online, I’m not shy about my feelings, but in real life, it would take time for me to open up.

As I go through the various tags and blog posts, I’m noticing a pattern. There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of writers on WP. Many of those writers are promoting their books, posting chapters, asking for reviews, holding contests, and giving away copies of their stories.

It got me thinking, at what point as writers can we be content? Many of the writers I talk to on WP are at different stages in their writing journey. Some of you have already published (self-published and traditional) your stories, others are about to start querying, and some are still writing their first drafts (me!!!). Also, other authors are promoting their work online, going to writer’s conferences, and networking.

To my surprise, my poem, Notice Me, For I am Small, got 28 likes. I was shocked at how many stars it got so quickly, but that also proved a lot of writers feel the same as me. If so many writers have already published and are still trying to get their books noticed, then at one point will I feel at peace?

Often, I wonder if the timeline for writing a story and publishing is linear.

Story Idea -> Plot Idea -> Write Story -> Rewrite -> Beta-readers -> Rewrite -> Editor -> Final Rewrite -> Query -> Agent -> Publish -> Market

Or Story Idea -> Plot Idea -> Write Story -> Rewrite -> Beta-readers -> Rewrite -> Editor ->  Final Rewrite ->Market-> Self-publish -> Market -> Market -> Market

(This is just a vague idea, don’t hold me to this timeline)

That’s a lot, and I’m sure I didn’t write all the steps some writers take to write and promote their stories.

As I was looking at both paths, I decided I wouldn’t be content until I reached the one called Publish or Self-publish. It’s a long road ahead, and I’m curious, what stage will satisfy you?

Will you be content just finishing your story, or do you want to publish it for the world to see?




28 thoughts on “Books, Books, and More Books

  1. Great post! I’m sure there are plenty of writers who are at peace with the earlier stages of your timeline, who just write for themselves and aren’t interested in publication or any of the stress surrounding it, but they probably don’t often blog about it.

    I think a lot about what it would take for me to feel satisfied as a writer. Honestly, I don’t think it will ever happen. It’s so hard to measure success and there’s always something else to do. Once you hit the end of either of those timelines (and when have you ever done enough marketing?) your readers (and your publisher, if you have one) will expect more writing, which means more editing, which means…. and so on forever.

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    • Thanks for commenting on my post! You made a really good point. If a writer wants to keep publishing stories, then yeah, you are never done. It’s a long road to get published, and then it will repeat for the next books =) I hope you get published one day!

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  2. I believe the idea to publish comes to mind to the author when they keep writing. If one writes only one story and stops there, it’s enough to share it online and not care about publishing, but if story ideas keep coming and coming and the author actually takes advantage to write out those ideas, that’s when publication comes to mind. ^_^

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  3. Presently I’m content sharing Black Winter with the world for free via the blog. I don’t really aim to do much else past that with this. I absolutely love writing it! It is my baby in a lot of ways.

    I occasionally let a narrator on YT narrate one of my Entry’s but other than that, I honestly just love sharing it with people and it’s therapeutic for me in a lot of ways.

    I have a job I love so it makes it easy to be able to come home and continue writing here on WP and begin able to share everything for free is a bonus in my opinion.

    Then again, I don’t really aim to publish. I’m not saying I never would. Just, I’d have to do it for the right reasons (or what I believe are the right reasons).

    Thanks for sharing this post. I love reading your thoughts.

    Cheers! ^_^

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  4. I will be satisfied when I can make a living by writing.
    I’ve been reading accounts by the self-publishing authors on Kboards. Apparently the most successful authors only become a success after publishing several books. They say the best marketing you can do is to write the next story (poem, novel, whatever).
    Which is just as well, because I loathe the idea of marketing my book. I just steeled myself to get a professional headshot for promotional purposes. I bribed myself with a week devoted to writing the Bright Shiny Idea that’s jumping up and down in the back of my mind saying “Me! Me! Write me!” It’s like making myself eat my vegetables before I have the chocolate cake. Adulting is hard.

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    • Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts! That doesn’t surprise me, actually. I think it’s rare when a writer can make it big on one book. However, we often hear about those writers in the media. Ugh, I hate marketing, too.

      Adulting is hard, and I hate it.


  5. I’ll always tell the stories, even if just to myself. The fact that I write, that’s just the road to get those stories heard. As for publishing, well if I write it and do nothing with it… that’s a shame. I want the entire universe to see MY world, the baby I created in my head. Ride the emotional roller coaster with me, the good, bad and indifferent. The money is just icing on the cake.

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  6. Great post! Having self published a book before, I can honestly say it was my dream and goal to get a book in print, as I imagine many writers do. However, my area of contentment comes from just sharing my work with others. I have known writer friends, who sadly are no longer with us, who were amazing in the creative word. However, they kept it to themselves or spent most of their time waiting for that big break. For myself, I just want my work to be out there in whatever form I can get it to the people. I am sharing a daily serial on my blog now, and when I reach the end, depending in response and how people feel about it, I may push to publish it, but my true contentment is knowing that people are reading what I post and getting excited about it. I love writing, and try to bring that same love to others.

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  7. For me, it depends on your purpose for writing and especially in trying to publish:

    Do we simply find intrinsic joy in the magic of crafting words, characters, and worlds to fill them with? Is writing a beloved hobby that others may choose to share in if they so wish.

    Do we love to write for the purpose of finding community with others, transcribing our thoughts and sharing them with others with the intent to engage in discussion?

    Or do we desire to turn our imaginations into words for the sake of making a living; do we want to be able to dream and write and think then write more as our claim to profession?

    As writers, at some point, possibly multiple times, we have to determine this answer for ourselves. The challenges are not letting others define it for you, and secondly — and this is by far the more difficult — is not letting that answer sway the essence of our precious works.

    What point in your process does your answer drive you to?

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  8. I am passionate about publishing my book. My story is miraculous, applies to everyone, and will help give the knowledge many may benefit from. Until then I can’t think about my other job!

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