Clash of Tides, Elena – Complete

If you have been following my blog, then you know I’ve been posting the various stages of Elena’s character drawing

Well, today, the artist sent me Elena’s final image, and I love it!

For all those we aren’t familiar with her character, she is biracial (half-white/ half-black). The inspiration for her character came from my desire to see a black female protagonist. I know urban fiction has black female characters, and of course, black literature. However, I wanted to write a fantasy story that was neither of those things – just an ordinary fantasy romance. Thus, Elena’s character was born. Writing her story has been amazing! As a writer, in some ways, my characters feel like my children. I am watching them grow and learn. And now, I can see an image of Elena brought to life, not just the picture I see in my mind.

Without any more rambling, here she is, Elena, from Clash of Tides. My first black, female protagonist!


The artist was easy to work with and understood what I wanted. If you want to contact him for commissions, his page can be found here {}.

When I took Clash of Tides down, it broke my heart. I wanted her story to succeed, for young black women to have a protagonist they could connect with. Of course, not just black women, but anyone who could relate to her desire for freedom.

Today, I created this, and I plan to make one for Elena and Seidon!


Maybe when I get better at Gimp, I can make something special for these two, but until then, it will have to be my simple graphics. For those who are wondering about Assan, he is one of the main male characters and a merman =)

Before I leave all of you, I wanted to let you know I’ll be MIA this weekend. I’ll respond to all the comments later. Have a great weekend! And thanks for following me on this journey!!

I hope you like Elena’s drawing^^


24 thoughts on “Clash of Tides, Elena – Complete

  1. Wonderful drawing, for what appears to be a wonderful character. I was reading here in the comments how you took the story down due to lack of popularity of Wattpad. I have some works on Wattpad and they do so dismal, I have thought the same. Wattpad is a hard sell, especially for someone like me, who is much older than most readers on there it seems. My “Vampire Boys Of Summer” is on there, and it barely gets a look, yet here on WordPress it does much better. If you’re not already doing so, I would love to see at least some of your story here on WordPress.


    • Thanks for commenting! I’m so happy you like her picture!

      Yes, I did take the story down. However, after reading all the messages from my readers, I realized I have a niche readership. The majority of Wattpad readers just want an easy read and to not think. They want a simple romance – a typical girl and some hot guy. Clash of Tides is supposed to be more than that. It isn’t a simple romance; it’s not just I like you, and you like me with drama.

      Due to messages from my readers still wanting to read the story, I posted it back up. If you go to my homepage on WordPress, all the chapters are listed under Clash of Tides.

      Don’t worry about the lack of readers on Wattpad. Honestly, to get readers there, you have to update 1-2 times a week. Not only that, you have to interact with people, a lot. I prefer to interact with people here, and I like to chat with readers who actually message me.

      If you do start reading the story, I just want to warn you it’s on the mature side. It has some adult themes, and it’s heavy on the romance.

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