What am I? Can you define me?

Titles do mean something.

Mother, means a small human is dependent on you.

Spouse, means someone loves you, and you stay true to them.

Job Title, means the work you do to earn money.

Student, means you are still learning and most likely are poor.

Writer, means you discover new worlds, create life through characters, and take readers places they never thought possible.

So you see, titles do mean something.
They define us.
And if you are a writer, spread your mind.
Put your ideas on paper, and let your imagination flow like the crimson pumping in your veins.


I hope you liked this one! Out of all the poems I’ve written, I liked this one the best. However, Notice me, For I am small was another good one. It’s hard to believe, but this blog almost has 400 followers. When I first started this blog, someone told me I wouldn’t get any readers, so I’m shocked at how many people like my ramblings.

Soon, I’ll be reading another book about writing. If I see any helpful tips, I’ll be sure to post them. Also, chapter 18 part 2 of Clash of Tides will be posted this weekend. I know many people have been waiting for the chapter, and it’s almost here!

Please let me know if you liked the poem =)

(All images on my blog either belong to me, are CCO, or are credited from the source)




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