Motivation and Writing (For Writers)

The leaves are changing, the weather has turned cold (not here in the Bay), and soon Christmas time will be here. As the end of the year looms ever closer, our motivation and desire to accomplish our goals may start dying. However, at the beginning of summer, are longing to write grew like the green leaves on the trees, but now, what once fueled us may have turned brown. Maybe your leaves have fallen, or perhaps they are still a stunning shade of green. Either way, you are still motivated to write, or you’re not.

If you are, great! If you are not, for shame on you – I’m kidding. Many factors affect why we may lose our motivation. This includes family, school, work, ourselves, and most importantly, our focus. Outside responsibilities definitely can keep us from writing, and for many people, it does. Ever since I can remember, I always planned my life around having freedom to do what I wanted. Meaning, very little external factors needing my time. Thus, I don’t have or really want right now, a family and kids. My time is mostly school and work – the boring stuff.

Even though I lack outside responsibilities, I have one demon that tries to kill my motivation – myself. For some of us, we are our own enemies. If you follow my blog, then you know I suffer from a lot of self-doubt and depression. If I don’t think I’m good at something, then I wonder why I keep doing it.

A lot of you already know this, but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder. Think of why you want to write? If you are a writer, and especially if you want to be a published writer, then writing should be like eating to you. Even if your week or month gets busy, you need to write. It’s not just a need; it’s a function to keep you alive.

When I get too lazy to write, I picture my characters knocking on a door, saying, “Don’t forget about us, we need attention, too.” Ok, so that sounds a little crazy, but they are right.

When humans become parents, they say their child is their world and heart. Well, I’m not a parent, but I can say my characters are my world and heart. I created them, gave them life and a story. They are my motivation to keep writing. Like a mother who sends their son or daughter off into the world, I want to send mine. And watch them pull others into their adventures.

Find out what keeps you motivated to write, and seize it, keeping it close to your heart. Make time to write, even it’s just 10-30 minutes a day. Don’t lose sight of your focus. And always remember, those you created are waiting for you, you just have to visit them again 🙂


And yes, please answer the question, but only if you want to =)


22 thoughts on “Motivation and Writing (For Writers)

  1. I’m extremely motivated! I wish you much the same. I am just having a VERY hard time keeping up with everyone else’s WP and also YT and…it’s stressing me out.

    I’m getting ready to move in 10 days…so that’s looming.


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  2. An inspiring and thoughtful post! I’ve pushed myself to be more motivated since July, and I have kept my steam through patience and practice. I’m thankful to my own sense of discipline and commitment to the act. I’ve also given more “life” to my characters in the sense that I guilt trip myself if I start slacking, asking myself, “What would (Casimir, Emma, Elijah, etc.) say? They sure are missing you!”

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    • That’s awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and motivation. It sounds like your writing projects are going well. Keep it up! And yes, don’t forget about your characters =)


  3. Always nice to see motivation from others. What keeps me writing is the thought that I can be better. The next book can be better (and more successful). I want each work I create to be unique and better somehow. That keeps me going. (The voices in my head just scare me :))

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    • Thanks! I always try to keep up my motivation for writing. Some days are hard, while others are easy. I like how you think. It’s smart to think that way – to always want to be better with your next project.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts =)

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  4. As a parent, I can say my son is my world and my heart, but so are my characters. They give me a whole world to explore, and they allow me to heal through them. I’m always motivated to write, but sometimes my health prevents me, and I feel awful for being away from them.

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  5. Pretty motivated right now, for me it’s started spring which in my opinion is my writing season. 🙂 I’m so motivated sometimes that its hard to organize my thoughts. Also listening to lots of music so that’s always awesome. 😀

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  6. Right now, not really motivated to write, but that’s on purpose. Just finished the first draft of a novel, so taking a little break is okay. Especially because I know motivation will come back very shortly and I’ll be back at it again.

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  7. This was a really inspiring post. I could absolutely feel your passion flowing through the words. My motivation meter is usually dependent on my sleep meter. I sleep about five hours a night, and that seems to be my minimum. If baby Thor wakes up and breaks those precious hours, then I’m toast. When that happens, its all I can do to write my daily blog and get some work done.

    If I’m tracking on sleep, my moto-meter is hitting 11 (out of 10). There are a bunch of factors that play into this.

    1. Folks like you who generate awesome and motivating content get me fired up. WP always keeps me motivated.
    2. I think about writing every day because I blog, edit, and write every day. As this has become a routine, it also has become a sense of self and source of motivation.
    3. I believe hard work pays off. For me to give 100 percent, I have to stay motivated. I’ve walked a lot of roads before I landed on this one. I’m sticking to it.
    4. I want people to read my books. For this to happen, I have to be motivated daily to improve my skills. I can’t blame the reader for my lack of ability. I have to match their expectations and exceed them.
    5. Lastly, I’m a stay-at-home dad (which you know) and there is a stigma tied to this. Especially since my wife is in the military. When people asked me what I was doing, and I told them I was raising Thor, writing a book, and doing some freelance work – they rolled their eyes.

    Or the people who aren’t rolling their eyes (largely other stay-at-home parents) say, “Well, you have to sacrifice a lot to stay at home. It won’t be as easy as you think.”

    So one half thinks I’m Susie Home Homemaker throwing Tupperware parties, and other half thinks I should hide behind my son and just accept I won’t be able to accomplish anything.

    These two subsets of people ignite a raging inferno of desire to absolutely prove that I can, in fact, be successful from home. It’s hate fueled motivation, but hey, it works!

    Thanks for writing this post and getting my blood pumping!

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  8. Right now my writing motivation isn’t super high. I’ve had a lot on my plate at work and I just got back from a whirlwind vacation that was packed with family obligations. But in all honesty, I think that makes this the perfect time for my current project of implementing some of the feedback I’ve received. I think spending some quality time with the existing material will be just what I need to motivate me to get back to writing!

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  9. I’m not motivated at all; I’m just living and doing the things living men do. I’m not trying to be funny, it’s just that the whole struggle thing is not anymore a part of my life. I just do what I can of what I want to do. There are limits but those are not in my job description. The Universe is miraculous, funny, wonderful, loving and painful sometimes.

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  10. Love what you’ve said about one’s created characters just waiting for you – for me it’s as if they are frozen in a film still waiting for me to move them on with the action. And this is motivating. On a general motivation level, I’m a bit more laid back than I used to be, as other things in my life are just as important as my writing, but it does feel healthier that way. Main thing is to sit down with a professional attitude when one does write.

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