Time to Focus


Before I begin, I want to thank everyone who commented on my post – Motivation and Writing (For Writers). Many of you said wonderful things about how I wrote that article, and you shared with me your motivation. Thanks again, all you lovely writers out there =) If I haven’t responded to your comment yet, I will soon.


Strange, and it may be just me, but I’ve noticed the number of blog posts, and comments have declined recently.

And sure enough, my suspicions were correct! There are a few bloggers I follow who posted what is going on in their lives. Some are catching up with outside activities, and others are working on their stories.

To copy what they did, I want to let you know what I’m up to.

  1. I won’t be posting and commenting on blogs that much anymore. Since we only have three months left in the year, I want to focus on getting Clash of Tides and Love for an Angel done.
  2. Writing short stories – Next year, I plan to pursue publication. However, before I do that, I want to test the waters, build up some publication creds, and learn to write a query letter. My goal is to write five good story stories and publish them.
  3. Beginning Jan 1, 2017, I plan to start working on my new books:
  • Battle of the Five Kings (Game of Thrones/ Feudal Japan inspired)
  • 9/Nine Realms (Legend of Zelda/ Summoner/ Final Fantasy inspired).
  • Corruption of Competition (Sci-fi/Dystopian/new world order) Formerly, Spoiled Rich Girl. The title is still in progress.

Whew, I have a lot of projects to work on. Not to mention I still have school and work, so there you have it! I’ll be posting new content every other day instead of every day. I hope you’ll miss me 🙂 It will just be me and my characters for a while.

Oh, and this is more of a rant about a book I’m reading right now, but can the instant love stop already. I’m only on chapter 6 of the book I’m reading, and the two characters are about to jump in each other pants. And for the love of all good writing, it better not be because they are mates.

Ok, I’m done now.



11 thoughts on “Time to Focus

  1. I’ll miss you always commenting, but if you need more time to create your beautiful characters we will all understand. Your goals are so exciting, I can’t wait to see you accomplish them.
    Personally I don’t like the ‘instant love’ concept. I prefer to see a couple grow over emotional and different situations, but sadly a lot of romance books skip that.
    Hope everything goes well, and I’ll be seeing and commenting through every step. ❤

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    • Thanks^^ I feel stressed right now with only three months left in the year. I really want to get my books done and publish them next year. Lol, I I have too many goals. I fear I won’t be able to keep up with everything.

      Yes, I like to see the couple grow and learn together! Thanks so much! You are always so kind.

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    • Thanks! Yes, it is sooo annoying > < The book I’m reading now has an undeveloped world, forced chemistry between the characters, and too many clichés to count.

      You’re so kind^^ With the end of the year coming, I need to get my butt back in gear!


  2. lol I get the instant love thing which is why for my deitys soulmate, I tried making it not instant…. probably failed. it’s hard cause its like you know as the author those two will get together and you want them together and you rush it. I hope the rest of the book is good for you.

    good luck on the rest of projects.

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    • I’m still reading your book, but I’m sure you wrote it well. Yes, I feel like a lot of romance writers rush the love between the two characters. For us writers, we want to get to the good bits, but we need to do the build up for the readers.

      Thanks! Next year is going to be tough.

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      • I started editing that one yesterday. There will be edition number 2 coming out before Xmas hopefully. I’ll let you know and then you’ll need to give me your email so I send you a free kindle gift. I’m taking the feedback into account for the edits – fixing English, taking out boring parts, adding better breaks… I even fixed Athena’s song. In one week I’m sending the copy to proofreader and in three weeks will be looking for beta readers. The first time around I didn’t know any proofreaders or that there are beta readers so publishing second book helped me with my first. I’m
        Excited. So that’s my plan till Xmas oh and of course writing short stories for people on WordPress


  3. It’s always good to take stock of the year so far and plan for what’s left of it. Funny how when you said there were three more months left to the year, I didn’t even realize it till I read it twice. Yikes! Three months and another year already? Say it ain’t so! I’ve cut down my blogging on my old blog because I’m trying to focus on writing for the new one since my rebranding, and maybe eventually move everything there. I’m so ready to let the “madrid” part of my name behind, as far as writing me is concerned although I miss the friends I’ve made through that blog. Good luck on your writing!

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    • It’s always scary how fast the year goes. When I was younger, I wanted time to move faster, and now I don’t lol.

      I stressed with the end of the year coming. I really want to get my books done and publish them next year. I decided I may self-publish Love for an Angel. =)

      So much work to do! It’s hard when you say goodbye to an old aspect of your life, but you’ll make friends on your new blog^^ We’re friends =) Keep at it, girl, you can do it!

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      • Thank you! I’ll be moving stuff over there, especially the featured authors that I did for awhile before I realized I was going to do the name change. And good luck on getting the books done! You can do it! I can’t wait till you get Love for an Angel published!

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