9/Nine Realms – The Prince of Fire


A/N: I know not many people will read this, but this is the first chapter of 9/Nine Realms. 9/Nine Realms is my summoner/Lord of the Rings/Legend of Zelda story I will be writing next year. I’m very excited to start this project and wants to give you taste what I will be blogging about soon. Enjoy!

Please note, this is unedited.

Chapter 1:

The Prince of Fire

The young prince with hair split of red and black locks eagerly slipped his body through the crack in the old castle wall. With his best friend following behind him, both men walked through the hidden passageway, ignoring the shouts from the maids. The queen of the death realm, Morgana, was visiting the young prince’s father. It was rare for the queen with the power to end life at a whim to visit the neighboring kingdoms. Not only was the queen visiting, but all the strongest realms leaders were conversing on matters of curiosity to the two young princes. When the queen of death came to visit, it was known through the realms that nothing good would occur.

Dust and debris whiffed into both princes’ noses, causing them to cough. Though, the dirt of the passageway didn’t cause them to flatter. If anything, it made the journey to discover the strategy room even more appealing.

“You know we shouldn’t be doing this, Aiden,” the second prince warned his black and fiery-haired friend. To Aiden, his fellow prince’s voice was always whiny and scolding, telling him what he should do.

“Steel, they won’t notice, so shut up already!” Aiden snapped as he picked up a grey brick, and moved it from blocking their path. Even though the old castle passages were for the royal family’s safety, only Aiden ever used them. He used them for sneaking about and learning his father’s business. As a young man of twenty-three, Aiden thought it time to learn of matters beyond just the blazing castle walls, but his father objected to his demands.

“We shouldn’t be listening to what they are saying,” Steel scolded, glancing over his shoulder as if someone was watching.

Growing impatient with his silver-haired friend, Aiden ignored him and continued moving bricks. Steel pursed his lips together, rolling his bluish-grey eyes at Aiden. Once Aiden removed the last grey brick in his path, a cold draft blew from the narrow corridor, bustling his long red coat and white tunic. This is risky, but Morgana gracing us with her presence isn’t something that should be missed, Aiden thought, taking one step further into the darkness of the narrow path. The only light illuminating the walkway was from the small crevices that aligned the walls.

“Aiden!” Steel’s voice rang out, laced with anger.

“Clam down, you worry too much,” Aiden said, keeping his sight straight ahead. When the darkness got thicker, Aiden opened the palm of his hand, creating a small flicker of fire to lighten their path. The small, orange-fire blaze danced around his hand, casting shadows on the cement walls on each side of them.

Only the sound of their footsteps echoed through the narrow path.

“We are going to get into trouble.”

Aiden quickly spun around and said, “If I worried as much as you, I would be dead now,” he growled out.

Steel brushed off Aiden’s words with a shrug, not caring what he had to say.

“Every time I must repeat myself, but we shouldn’t be going into that room; they will find us.”

Aiden now looked at the fellow prince, with his own fiery green eyes a blazing. “They won’t! Stop talking about how we will get caught. You are going to ruin the fun. Besides, I know you want to know what the meeting is about,” Aiden taunted Steel, giving him a half smile that almost seemed like a smirk.

Steel shrugged again, looking as if he was trying to dismiss his own curiosity on the matter, but Aiden didn’t believe him.

Aiden lowered his gaze for a second to the dusty brick floor, thinking about who could be engaging in the meeting.

“You don’t find it slightly odd that your father,” Adien pointed at Steel,” the king of metal, was also invited to attend as well?” Aiden questioned him, with curiosity dripping from his voice.

Steel sighed heavily, waved him off and walked past Aiden. “If you must drag me along with this stupid venture of yours, let’s get it over with. I won’t deny I am curious about my father’s dealings with Morgana.”

Aiden smiled a wide grin and slapped the prince of steel on the back. “I knew you would come around, let’s make haste!”

Steel sighed and titled his head. Aiden bursting with a new-found enthusiasm increased his pace in the narrow passage, and also extended the size of his flame. The flames flickered across his hand, illuminating the corridor.

“Aiden, Prince Adien!” A female voiced called out.

Aiden stopped in his tracks, cursing under his breath. “Damn the maids!”

“It must be your mother; you know she is panicking.”

Aiden dismissed Steel words. Anytime outside visitors came to the volcano his mother would worry. As a future king in training, Aiden couldn’t be swayed by his mother’s needless concerns.

Both men continued their course through the sticky cobwebs that blocked their path. Every so often, Aiden would burn spiders away that dared to attack him. It was almost laughable to him, being his age and having to sneak information. As they proceeded closer to their destination, the sound of lava flowing through the castle echoed in their ears. In the distance, a faint bright light shined through a crack in the cement. Many voices rang through the narrow path: two men, a woman, and the subtle conversation of palace guards were all that Aiden could make out.

“What’s that?” Steel pointed towards the faint glow of an orange-red light.

“Shh, I hear them,” Aiden said, running towards a hole in the brick wall as he extinguished the flame in his hand. Pressing his viridescent iris against the crack, he could see the bodies of where the voices reverberated from.

“Who do you see?” Steel asked curiously.

“Aiden! Where is that boy? He’s twenty-three years old but acts like he is ten. I swear the crown prince is going to one day be king and he can’t even act right.” Aiden heard a maid from another room say. Brushing off the maid’s gossip, Aiden kept his focus on the room he was peering at.

“Are you going to tell me?!” Steel urged.

Aiden was still looking through the peephole – which was the same one he used before to spy on his father’s meetings – when he saw five adults sitting around the giant wooden table. By the two, double steel doors were two of his father’s most trusted guards, dressed in fiery red armor. Both guards had the signature spears of the fire realm in their hands. Both spears were pointed towards each other, crisscrossed, across the doors. As Aiden kept looking, his green hues widened in surprise.

He gasped, in disbelief of who he was seeing. At the head of the table sat his father, proud as always. His father’s long red hair draped over the shoulders of his armor, and his red beard hung down to the fire emblem on his tunic. Next to his father sat his oldest and dearest friend, the King of the weapons realm, Steel’s father, Lars. His short silver hair glowed in the candle’s light, and the anxious expression on his face didn’t go unnoticed by Aiden.

The presence of his father and Lars isn’t what sent Aiden into a fury of surprise; it was the purple haired queen that sat at the other head of the table. With her long purple hair twisted into a long braid, her black nails, and her black eyes, she sat in all her glory.

“It’s Morgana,” Aiden whispered with slight fear lacing his voice.

“She really is here?” Steel asked with panic in his voice and sweat dripping down his brow.

Aiden simply nodded to the silver-haired prince’s question and kept his eyes firmly against the brick wall.

Both kings were tense, shifting in their seats during the meeting. Unlike the kings, Morgana sat still in her chair, with her black eyes firmly on the two men before her.

“The summoners, their numbers are growing out of control,” Morgana said as she placed her slender, pale hand on the wooden table.

“Why is that a problem? You call a meeting with the three most powerful realms about a few hundred people? What a waste of time?” Lars said, banging his fist against the wood.

Morgana narrowed her black irises to the silver-haired king. “It’s not a waste of time. Their numbers are growing, which increases with every year. We all know summoners can live longer than any of you, besides me of course,” she said proudly.

Aiden could see the anger dripping from Lars’s face, like blood dripping from a wound. Unlike Lars, his father sat quietly, mulling over the queen’s words. His face was calm, trying to hold in his feelings. I should be in there, Aiden thought while baring his teeth together.

“Why are you two here, anyway? Is your leader still afraid to come out and face us?” Morgana seethed with disdain in her voice. Aiden followed Morgana’s sight to the two golden winged humans sitting at the side of the table next to each other. One was male and the other female. Their wings were the color of pure gold, and their skin was pale but glowing with a shine Aiden had rarely seen. Both of the winged humans had beautiful faces. The man was handsome and the woman beautiful, close to Morgana’s beauty. While Morgana looked like beautiful darkness, the winged woman was the essence of light. Aiden’s gazed lingered for a while, watching the matching golden-winged twins. Their hair was the same color, brunette. And their eyes were a matching green like Aiden’s.

“The twins are here as well, but they never leave the skies.” Aiden’s thoughts were a jumbled mess, trying to comprehend what was happening.

The winged male human parted his lips and said, “Our leader has more pressing matters to attend to. Speaking of which, where is your husband, Morgana?” He has not been seen for a few months now?” The winged, brunette haired male questioned, arching a brow at the seething queen.

Morgan scoffed, “He just doesn’t want to see the sight of your ugly faces.”

The winged, brunette female glared her eyes at Morgan and scowled. “Why I bet you . . .”

“That’s enough! I will not have mindless bickering in my presence!” The king of fire roared, with his eyes blazing like a fire would erupt at any moment. Aiden could feel the heat from his father’s anger pouring from the room like water.

“What just happened?” Steel asked as he jumped back.

“Morgan and one of the twins were fighting.”

Steel widened his grey pupils and turned towards the brick wall. The sweat on his brow dripped down to his neck and the metal pants he was wearing started to tingle.

“The summoners can be powerful, but they are still few in numbers and lack knowledge of their potential,” the king of fire pointed out.

“Most of them, but if recall, Daumantas was able to succeed in securing a new summon creature,” Morgana said with her eyes flaring with rage.

The king of fire closed his eyes and slumped in his chair. “This is true; Daumantas knows the summoners potential. They could become dangerous.” The king exhaled an anxious breath.

“That is no reason to kill them.” The male winged man said, protesting against Morgana’s words.

“He’s right, killing them is not the answer.” The brunette female added.

“Of course, the twins would agree. This is madness; they need to go!” Morgana said, with her nostrils flaring as her fist slammed down on the table.

Aiden jumped, “Morgana just hit the table. She wants to kill the summoners.” He continued to look through the crack, with Steel standing next to him.

“Why?” Steel asked, turning towards Aiden. Aiden then moved away from the hole, lowering his gaze to the dusty brick floor.

“I don’t know, Steel, but if Morgana wants someone dead, it’s only a matter of time.”

Both princes grimaced, reading each other expressions the best they could. However, they heard the familiar sound of a female voice through the hole in the wall.

“It seems, King Connlaodh, we have two ease droppers amongst us,” Morgana said in a sing-song voice, with her lips twisting into a bloodcurdling grin.

A/N: This is a new story that I’ve been waiting to write for like two years now. I hope you enjoyed chapter 1! If you haven’t noticed, this is a fantasy story about summoners. Think Lord of the Rings, meets Final Fantasy meets Legend of Zelda 🙂 Please let me know what you think!!!


20 thoughts on “9/Nine Realms – The Prince of Fire

  1. What a great start. I can’t wait to read more. It definitely caught my interest and held me in my seat as I read this. The cliffhanger leaves us begging for more, so next year hurry up already 😉


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