Getting Noticed (For Writers)

Recently, I read a comment on one of my blogs. The comment mentioned how there are so many writers online; it’s like you’ll never get noticed. Honestly, I couldn’t deny the truth of those words. The longer a website or Amazon book stays online, the more content there is to compete with. In a world where writers can just post their first drafts and self-published books online, how does a new writer hope to get noticed?

Well, we already talked about marketing and going the traditional route, but what’s after that? I guess it depends on what you want to get out of writing.

Sometimes it surprises me that I almost have 500 followers on WordPress, but I wasn’t able to get noticed on Wattpad.

If you don’t have success on one website or book, try something else. The important thing is never to give up. If you keep working towards your goal, eventually something will come of it. However, I do understand how the media and society can make us feel we can be successful. We hear stories about J.K Rowling, Stephen King, E. L James, and Victoria Aveyard, but we can’t all be them. All you can do it write, and if you happen to get noticed, don’t forget where you started from.

If you don’t mind, can someone share their success story for other writers to read? How did you build yourself up and get readers?


15 thoughts on “Getting Noticed (For Writers)

  1. I think getting noticed on WordPress is easier than any other social network. You don’t have to be famous, all you have to do is have great content and follow the rule of 15 tags. The trick is to tag your posts with popular and general tags like flash fiction and fiction. I’m still trying to figure that part out but I’m getting there.

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  2. I loved the post. It may be hard to get noticed but I agree with thesarahdoughty on this. Organic growth may not be the fastest, but to me it is the best kind. You meet (in my opinion) more true followers of your writing than if you run out pestering people to read your work.

    The way I figure it, in the case of WP, is if someone wants to read anything I write, it is there for them to read. It doesn’t matter if they read it immediately or 20 years down the line…it is there.

    I don’t expect people to go out of their way to read what I write. I appreciate it, but I figure, just keep writing. If someone really likes your stuff, the blog will be there when they have the time or wish to read.

    That’s worked for me. I only recently crossed 200 followers (which I only know because of that thing WP sends) and I’m quite happy with that. I’m humbled by it. I also have horror narrators on YT that on occasion read my works. Shout out to DuchessDark, look her up on YouTube, she is a great narrator and has narrated several of my poems from here.

    I think organic growth is best, but you know, everything is different for everyone. A lot depends on your aims with your writing. I am not looking to sell anything so I don’t have the same pressures of someone who is actually trying to become an author.

    Just be true to yourself and write. ^_^

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    • Congrats on the followers! Oh, I’ll look her up. It took me a long time to get here – to be at peace with my writing. However, I do agree with you about natural growth. I know a lot of writers on other sites that jump that bandwagon.

      I suppose I feel those pressures you are talking about :/ I want to be a published writer, but who knows if it will happen. Thanks for commenting on my post!

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  3. I agree with thesarahdoughty and sinisterdarksoul on this. Keep plugging away, doing the work while being yourself, whether or not you are hoping to sell or whether you are doing it for other reasons. Keep your own integrity, and if success comes you will be all the better equipped for it, and if it doesn’t you are still succeeding in being yourself and living your life your way.

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  4. Love this post! Honestly I think the best way to achieve success is just stubborn plowing ahead, use all of your available avenues, enjoy your work, and eventually it will pay off. We can’t all be JK. Rowling, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a decent living writing. : )


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