As I sit alone in the darkness,
I hear the faint noise of water

It drips and runs around me,
calming me with its soothing sound

This quick poem was inspired by Elena from Clash of Tides. When she was stuck in the cave alone, she was scared, but the sounds of water calmed her down.

Also, as per someone’s request, I have taken the word “Failed” off my blog. However, I still feel like a failed writer, but maybe one day my feelings will change. I hope you all enjoyed the poem. 


20 thoughts on “Sounds

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  2. Think about it this way (my husband tells me this all the time): when you first started writing Clash Of Tides, what were your realistic goals. Did you hope to write something? Finish it? Before Just Breathe, I had countless attempts at writing novels. I would find myself stuck, and couldn’t figure out how to fix it. My first goal. Write a book. I had every thought that it would no doubt be terrible, but I was surprised to find that it wasn’t complete rubbish. Sure, it needed a lot of editing, but that was the next step. When that was done, I just wanted to share it. I thought, I’d be lucky if I could get a hundred people to download it.

    So here’s the thing. Have you really failed? You have readers that demanded to have the stories back. People have enjoyed the world you’ve created. And you’re not even finished with writing it. I think that’s one hell of an accomplishment.

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    • Honestly, I didn’t really have a goal when I started Clash of Tides. It was just a story I wrote for fun and then it grew into something more. Once I saw people were actually reading it, I took the story seriously.

      For myself, I feel like I failed, but I guess if I look at reality, then not really *shrugs* It’s hard for me to say.

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    • Thanks^^ I try to write every day, but barely anyone reads my work. Oh well, maybe one day things will be different. Until then, I will sit in the shadow of my failures.


  3. You are nowhere close to failure. You have created complete worlds and imaginative characters. Not everyone can do that. There are lots of writers out there but no one except you could create the stories you write. They are yours, and proof of your talent as an artist and writer. Failure doesn’t even play into it. Keep writing always, and continue with the stories only you can write 🙂


  4. The feeling of failure is something with which creative people are intimately familiar. Here is a quote that I think of often, and in the field of writing it is especially true: “If you never give up, you cannot fail.” Creative endeavors never come easy, but they are rewarding. Try to think of yourself as a work-in-progress. You will be a better writer than you are now in a year, and a better writer than that in another year. But the fact that you are writing — that’s a success each and every time you create something new.

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