I wrote this while listening to this:

The pain I feel,
is passed on to my characters

The joy I feel
is showed through my creations

My anger,
dwells within my protagonist

My emotions flow through words,
for I am a writer, an artist

I hope you liked it. 



14 thoughts on “Artist

  1. Ahh yes! THIS is perhaps my all-time favorite writing song! I listen to Don’t Stay Here at least once a day. It’s the backdrop for an entire scene in my second novel of my current trilogy, and I long for the day where I can see that scene play out on the big screen with this song playing. There is so much power and perseverance in those drums and guitar riffs. Frames simply kick ass!

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  2. Ohmygoodness! I love this! Not just love, there are no words to express my how much i like this piece. I love it so much!
    “My enotions flow through words, for i am a writer, an artist” This line gave me shivers. I don’t think writers are appreciated enough as artists. The way they weave words together to create a movie in our imaginations is truly wonderful, and it’s my favorite expression of art.

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    • Wow! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting^^ I’m so happy you liked the poem :3 Oh, I’m glad it made you shiver. Ah, I agree! Writers do deserve more appreciation.


  3. I love this! Music really does help (in most cases). I like to listen to music quite often myself when writing. It depends on what I’m writing though because sometimes music can hurt what I’m trying to write.

    Sometimes I go on YT and just listen to music or watch music vids and it gives me crazy inspiration! Stories galore get formed that way! Xp

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    • Oh yes, music is amazing! Most of the time when I’m writing, I listen to the music that goes along with the scene.

      I do the same thing! YT is the best for finding good music. Actually, I was rather depressed yesterday, so that’s what sparked this poem. I needed to remind myself what I like about being a writer. Thanks for commenting!

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