Progress Poll Results (For Writers)

Before I continue with today’s topic, I apologize if I haven’t responded to you yet. I’m planning to respond to everyone today.

A few days ago, or a week ago – I can’t remember exactly – I posted a poll {What level are you at in the writing process?}. For that poll, I asked where you were in the writing process. Thanks to everyone who voted, you are awesome! Not to my surprise – and myself included – I saw many of you were at the same stage: writing the first draft.

If you write, then you know one of the first milestones of being a writer is completing the first draft. It’s not easy, and right now I’m still trying to finish my first drafts. However, writing itself is still an accomplishment that most people will never do. Seriously, I read emails all the time from directors and VPs. Their writing is horrible. Well some of them, not all.

If you are still writing your first draft, then keep on going.


The next group of you were on your second draft or already published. Kudos to you all, you made it to where us first draftees want to be 🙂

giphy (8).gif

I plan to do the same poll next year, and for us first draftees, let’s try to get where the second draft and published people are 🙂

giphy (9).gif

Lastly, I saw a few of you gave up writing. If you did, you didn’t comment on why, but I hope you haven’t forgotten your goals. I do know life gets in the way, or you feel someone doesn’t care, but I care. If you ever need encouragement or someone to talk to, I’m here.


I used to have a writer friend I talked to online. We would always talk about the annoying things about being a young writer, or the stories on Wattpad that would piss us off. Alas, I decided it would be best if I stopped talking to her. Unlike me, she was a successful writer and the hurt I felt over not being at the same level got too much for me. For now, at least, I can help those who need encouragement like me. Honestly, I think only a select few readers like my work – everyone else, they must think it sucks =( Oh well…

The flow of life is unknown, but as a writer, an artist, one thing is true: writers need to write, to express the images in their minds using words; don’t ever forget that.- A.M. Bradley

See what I did there? 🙂

How do you feel you are doing as a writer? Are you progressing? Do you feel good about yourself?

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26 thoughts on “Progress Poll Results (For Writers)

  1. It is always good to see where others are up to in their writing journey. Personally I’m not sure how I’m going. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and I’ll never give it up. However I’ve never really gotten much feedback on my work (other than family and a few comments here and there) and since I’m new to putting my work online it is hard to know sometimes. I am definitely progressing though, I have goals for the year and stories that I feel so passionate about I can’t wait to share them with others. In myself I feel that I’ve done so much more this year than I ever would have if I didn’t have a blog, however sometimes you wonder, or at least I do. ❤

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    • I’m sorry I haven’t had more time to give you serious critiques on your work. Next time I read something of yours, I’ll definitely apply my template for reviews.

      I know how you feel, believe me. My stories don’t get read that often here on WordPress, but my blog does. I can’t measure my fiction writing quality, but I guess my non-fiction writing must be good. It takes time, so don’t worry about it.

      However, if you ever want some tips on how to get more traffic to your blog, I would be happy to help.

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      • No worries, we all have time restraints. ❤ One day, I'm going to reread all your story posts and comment on ever single one. You'll open wordpress and be like 'who's this stalker?' 😛 Haha, I always appreciate tips and I'm making more time to connect and comment on other peoples blogs, which makes me happy. 😀

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  2. Hey A.M.B., hmm it seems like you’re very hard on yourself and not giving yourself enough credit. It’s probably best not to compare your writing to others and just focus on being you. Even though I understand how sometimes you read other people’s work and feel that your work isn’t at the same level. It’s all about mindset, imo.

    But really, your writing is actually superb. It’s easy on the eyes, connects with the reader, it’s almost always telling a story and giving us some intriguing image.

    Last point, I think some people (or WP followers) choose not to read our work, not because they don’t like it or that we suck, but probably because they have a preference to read certain blog posts over others. Plus, we’re all busy with life usually, and there’s just so little time to read so many blogs on any given day.

    Hope this may cheer you up, I just felt like writing all of this. Later 😉

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    • Thanks for commenting! Hmm, a lot of people say I’m hard on myself. It’s probably because I try so hard to do well.

      Yes, comparing yourself isn’t good, but I feel like with social media it’s an easy thing to do.However, you are correct; it is about mindset.

      Aww, thank you! I’m so happy you like my writing^^

      Lol, I actually wasn’t referring to readers on WordPress reading my stories. I figured most people on WordPress are here for blogs, not chapters. I write my stories on Wattpad, so I was referring to those readers.

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  3. A lot of people want to write a book or have stories in their minds and would like to put them on paper (or screen paper), but never do so. You’re already halfway there just by doing it. So in my humble opinion, you should give yourself more credit; you’re doing something that others won’t dare.

    Also, many thumbs up for the Father Ted gif! Loved that show while I was in Scotland. I still do, in fact 🙂

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    • Thanks, Chris 🙂 That is true. Writing a book isn’t an easy thing, and I should be proud of myself for being able to write well and create worlds. I’m glad you liked the gif. I always aim to make people happy. And lol, how was Scotland?

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      • I lived in Aberdeen (east side of Scotland), a.k.a. Granite city. Almost every single day I spent there (five years in total) I had a 3-kilometre thick cloud cover, which was fine cause I love winter and overcast. Other fellow Greeks had a hard time dealing with it. I had a great time, met wonderful people, and to this day I still use words such as “aye, och, and sometimes bloody, though that’s more British than strictly Scottish. I think. I had a great time and I always reminisce fondly of it.

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  4. Well, I have already completed my manuscript. But it was rejected by all the publishers I sent it to. All 4 of them.

    So no, I am not feeling good about myself at the moment.

    I think the real battle any writer has to face comes after the completion of the manuscript. The fight to get recognized and published is way harder than the fight with yourself to complete your manuscript.

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    • Don’t feel bad. J. K. Rowling and Stephen King were both rejected over 10 times. I honestly don’t think you should feel bad. Some of the world’s greatest writers had to fight to get their recognition. I do agree that sometimes writing the story is the easy part. I won’t lie, though. I hate marketing myself; it sucks. Cheer up and hang in there!

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  5. Always love meeting fellow writers, especially those in the same stage as me (working on that 1st draft, trying to get published…) It’s so hard not to get discouraged when you’re trying to make a name for yourself and make a ripple in that gigantic ocean, but it makes it easier when we give each other encouragement 🙂 So glad to have stumbled on your blog! Looking forward to reading ^_^

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  6. I have several first drafts done, but that’s as far as I’ve gone. They need rewriting (it is a five book series). I put it aside and went on to the next one. I plan to go back someday… I also joined a local writer’s group and went to one meeting. Most of the members were published, some were nice, some were extremely full of themselves. When I got home, I looked up all of their books on Amazon. They were all DNF books. I couldn’t read them! A couple were pretty bad, and the rest weren’t that interesting to me. That experience taught me a couple of things. I’m capable of publishing a book (if they can do it, I can). You have to believe in yourself and your writing. They clearly had the confidence to promote their work.


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