Popularity and Competition (For Writers)

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From the title, I’m sure you know what I’ll be discussing today.

Before I begin, I want to proudly announce I’ve caught up with some reading and writing. I’m really happy because that’s my major goal for this month, and I want to continue focusing on my craft.

Today, I want to discuss popularity and competition. Yesterday, the results of a writing contest came in from another website. One of my writing friends online, a popular writer on the site, was upset she didn’t win. I tried to console her, but I know when people are sad or discouraged, it’s hard to pull them out of it. Lord knows when I’m depressed over my writing, it takes me days, even months to snap back.

Anyway, the conversation with her got me thinking. I would love to have what she had – reads, votes, comments, and thousands and thousands of followers – but for her, she didn’t care about that. It made me wonder, does popularity and competition truly matter for a writer?

When I looked at the winners, they were either popular writers on the site, or they had connections to the management. Generally, unless it’s an official competition from like wirtersdigiest.com or something, I don’t bother submitting my work for awards.

As writers, we write because we love it, to bring our characters and stories to life. However, at the same time, we also want to be read. Where is the fine line between loving the craft and wanting to be read? It’s a hard question, and one I don’t have an answer for.

My friend isn’t the first popular writer I’ve seen get distraught or discouraged. There are a few writers I know who had millions of reads and followers just pull down their stories and cancel their accounts. In the end, I don’t think popularity and competition should be the focus for a writer. As writers, we should work on our craft and improve our skills. Of course, getting your work out there is important, but if even the popular, bestselling writers can easily be discouraged, then what’s the point?

What are your thoughts on this? I know a lot of writers say they write for themselves, no one else. However, if somehow you became a bestselling author, what would you do? Would you get discouraged if you didn’t win an award?

Also, has anyone ever used https://www.scribd.com before. And Lastly, I’ll be updating Clash of Tides soon!!!!!!!!


29 thoughts on “Popularity and Competition (For Writers)

  1. I can not ever see getting discouraged over losing a contest or not winning an award. If anything it’d just motivate me more. It’d be inspiring to see another writer out there better than myself (there are plenty, I’m not being egotistical) and I’d see that as an awesome challenge.

    I don’t know, growing up, watching movies I loved, playing games I loved, watching anime or reading anything I absolutely love the common theme was the writing was brilliant!

    I was inspired by that and it still inspires me when I experience amazing storytelling. I love that! It also makes me want to write something equally as amazing or even better!

    I think writers worry about stats and accolades too much sometimes. I have plenty of friends who write who only seem to care about that, I think mostly because to them it means validation.

    To your point, it doesn’t matter if they have thousands or millions of readers/followers, they can get discouraged.

    You know my opinion when it comes to writing. We’ve discussed it plenty in the past and I won’t reiterate here.

    I loved this post and I wanted you to know, I appreciate your honesty when it comes to your writing and your thoughts. 🙂

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    • That’s good you wouldn’t get upset, but I guess it depends on the person. In the past, I would have probably gotten sad over it. However, I don’t view awards that special anymore.

      Yes! I do think writers worry about stats way too much. Honestly, I am no better, and most of the time I call myself the trash of the internet. I am a failure, and I will always be one when it comes to writing.

      That’s true; stats do bring validation and people like to be validated.

      Thanks! I’m so happy you liked my post ^__^

      I love helping out my fellow writers and sharing my thoughts about the writing process.

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  2. Hey! Hi 1st of all I would like to comment on your writing it has a wonderful flow. 2ndly I wish and hope u and ur friend get out of the feelings in times it appears difficult. I feel life is too short and easier said than done when such times happen we may want to ask, have we been thru worse and got out? Have we seen times we felt it’s going to be neverending and too painful to handle yet we sailed through? And doesn’t everything become ok, either by its very state changing or we learning to adapt? Hope this helps.it helps me while I too have difficult times but now I feel I manage to get over get quicker than before 🙂 lastly I would love to be read but the outcome may not matter to me as much. For me it would be an added bonus if I get many readers if not I know i at least tried. I love to participate in races and I love winning but as an athlete I was taught yes being 1st should be the aim but finishing the race is more important. Sorry for such a long mesg 🙂 have a wonderful day

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    • Thanks so much! I’m so happy you like my writing^^

      My friend is doing better now. Thanks so much for thinking about us ^__^

      I agree! Life is too short to be upset and worry about such trivial things.

      Thanks for stopping by. Don’t worry about the long comment. I like reading what fellow writers have to say.

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  3. I think popularity does matter to a writer even though I do agree that writers should focus on improvement. I think popularity is a form of a writer seeking approval from the audience as well as a form of motivation for him/her to keep going. I feel like that sometimes – if there’s no one reading, then why should I post it on the internet? As for competitions, I have lost enough competitions to not feel discouraged when I lose. I just know sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, maybe it’s fate that I don’t win this one.

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  4. We live in a society where it’s easy to compare ourselves to others, and feel what we have isn’t adequate. Especially as a writer, it’s such a personal endeavor and easy to feel like we aren’t good enough. There’s times it feels like I’ll never get anywhere near where I want to be, but I focus on working harder and improving my craft. Like you mentioned, if you’re in a down state of mine, it takes days to snap out of it.

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    • I totally agree with you about that. Thanks to the internet, we can easily compare ourselves to others now. I’m sorry to hear you are down, and I hope you feel better soon.

      Thanks for stopping by^^

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  6. I am the sort of person who gets really disappointed. 😀 I used to enter a lot of contests, but I’m giving them a break at the moment because I was feeling discouraged. Contests can be good opportunities to get your work noticed, but right now I’d rather focus my attention on getting the book the best I can.

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  7. Personally I love the people behind my views and follows, I don’t look at it like I need more, simply for the numbers. I just want to connect more. 🙂
    As for competitions, I’ve never entered any, however I think it’s a given that you’ll be competing against other awesome writers. Nothings ever a given, so you just have to work harder and focus on writing what you love. 😀 Anyway love the post. ❤

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  8. Everyone wants to be popular…it’s just human nature. Some authors measure their success in terms of books sold -financially rewarding, but says little about literary value. I have HUNDREDS of books I’ve purchased, but have yet to read. I didn’t purchase them because the author was popular, but more so because the blurb/synopsis intrigued me. So at this point, all I know is the author is talented enough to lure readers. 😐

    Unfortunately, so many of the LIKES and upvotes we see are merely based on popularity or notoriety. Not one word of a book was ever read. Personally, it is more rewarding for ME to receive a review where the reader totally connected with the point of the book. Popularity can’t give you that. 😉

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  9. That is a nice article. Well, when I write something, I do always hope that people read it. though that is not the whole point of my writings, but then there is someone who could connect to you through the words you write, it is makes you happy. But, competition, it is not something I would look forward to. I think no two creations written from different perspectives, for a different purpose should be compared to rank them!

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  10. Honestly, right now I write for myself. One day I do want to be published. Will I get discouraged if the publishing process doesn’t turn out like I thought? Probably. But I will never quit writing because it is the only thing that keeps me sane. I write for me. But if someone else reads my work and it encourages, inspires or relates to them, then it’s their work too, isn’t it?

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  11. I can only speak for RWA contests, but if you write romance, then definitely you should consider contests if you want to get your work read by someone who might help you publish traditionally. Because self-publishing has become so popular in romance, the number of people entering contests has gone down significantly. But local chapters of the Romance Writers of America still continue to hold contests, since that’s how they raise money for their local chapters. And editors and agents still continue to judge them.
    If you want to publish a romance novel traditionally, contests give you a much better chance of getting your work read by people who are in a position to offer you a publishing contract.

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  12. You always write thought-provoking posts…from a really refreshing and very, very well-written angle. Competition that results in abject demoralisation is something those vulnerable to it would do best to steer clear of. I love the quote, “I’m not in competition with any one, I want us all to win”. I am not a competitive person, and if I chose to enter a contest (although I can’t see that I would), I’d be prepared to take the loss in stride. Easier said than done, I am sure…but, again, I have no desire to submit my writing to a reductive, subjective process such as that. Not saying competitions have no place, but my writing is about personal connection…hoping someone can relate to what I have to share, and how I share it. That is such a rewarding experience….and, feels like a win-win, and what my gift is to be used for. Reading your fantastic offerings is a great source of inspiration, for it is a privilege and an honour. Thanks for the win….thanks for sharing 🙂

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  13. I love to write sometimes just to write.It is very therapeutic for me to write. I have been writing for a very long time for just therapeutic reasons and have written some for publication but they were children’s books I illustrated and tried to get published many years ago. but not much luck there. I just recently started writing this blog about a month and a half ago. I have quite a long way to go to finish writing my blog as far as organizing it better etc.So, I thought it would be great to start writing a blog and getting other people’s thoughts and ideas and being able to share my story and thoughts to help others and to increase awareness and educate about bipolar disorder and reduce the sigma and that is what my memoir is about and for. My memoir of course is mostly more just about sharing my life story and journey and hoping to be able to educate and help others that way. To answer your question now though I would love to get some feedback now on my writing and I would love to have people enjoy what I am writing. I hope to get some followers as I do not have very many yet. I also am not very tech savvy so I need to learn so much more about the blogging world and how to get all of this to work in the best possible way I can. My dream though is that people will enjoy my writing and that I will get some followers since my passion is to help people in any way that i can.

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  14. This is a very interesting point. I think that no matter what, writers want to be appreciated and want their works to be not only read, but loved. I know that while I’m happy for those who win awards for their writing, it still hurts when I don’t. Also, I think that even famous writers would get a little depressed if they didn’t do as good as someone else when it came to writing. I see your point though, if we always compare ourselves to other writers, we’ll never be happy. Someone will always have more readers than the next person.

    I do think it’s hard though to just write for ourselves. As much as I simply enjoy writing for the love of it, I still want others to read my work. Great post, seriously!

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