Flash Fiction: Writer’s Life -1

Writer's Life.jpg

Sitting alone in her room, a young writer decided to join an online writing community. There, she posted her stories online and hoped to get readers. Sadly, she didn’t; however, she did make friends with another young writer.

Over time, these two writers got to know each other and read each other’s stories. Both of them enjoyed each other’s work. Slowly, the writer noticed her friend was getting popular. Her friend’s reads were growing at a steady rate, while her reads were stagnant.

Although she was sad about her reads, she was happy for her friend. Not only did the friend’s reads grow, but also her followers.

One day the writer logged in and messaged her friend. The message said, “Hey! How are you doing? I’m so happy that your work is doing well and you got so many followers now. I hope I can make it one day!”

After sending the message, she waited – no response.

Maybe she is busy. Another day passed, no reply. Once forty-eight hours had passed, the little writer noticed something. Her friend was messaging and following other popular writers. With a sigh, she emailed her now popular friend one more time – no response.

After a while, she gave up. Her reads grew a little, and she gained a few followers. But sadly, that wasn’t enough to gain her friend’s attention. It was evident to her what happened – she wasn’t a popular writer, so her friend ditched her.

Eventually, she moved on, but the hurt remained. She vowed never to be that way. If she ever got popular, she would be humble, and not hurt a friend.

In case you are wondering, yes, I’m the little writer in the story. This is a real experience that happened to me, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I made a vow that if I ever became popular, I would be humble. To this day, I try to follow that promise. It’s important to remember your roots, and treat all fellow writers with respect^^

I hope you liked it!


19 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Writer’s Life -1

      • Thank you^^

        I’m so happy you think I’m kind :3 No, she wasn’t. but at least I learned from that experience. You are not a little person; you are awesome! I will never forget about my fellow writers^^


      • People are put in our lives for many reasons and one of them is to learn from them, even when the experience is not a good one. I am very happy you knew how to turn a negative experience into a positive experience and great example for others. Yay Akaluv!!! 🙂


  1. This experience seemed so mine because not writing but in another field I may have gone through this..position sometimes makes people loose a lot.but don’t worry we all get over it..best of luck

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  2. Wow, yeah I’ve been there before, not just in writing, but in other areas as well. But in the end that is going to be her loss. All those popularity marks mean nothing if you don’t have a real friend.

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