Trying Something New (For Writers)

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Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I posted, but it’s mostly because I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days.

Today I want to stress the importance of trying something new. Someone asked me what writing sites I’ve been on, so I’m going to list them. I know some of you already know this, but I thought I would share it again:

  • Fictionpress
  • Deviantart
  • Quizilla (Back in the day)
  • Quotev

Just to let you know, I’ve left all of those. However, I still have dead accounts on a few of them. I did create a Scri account, but I’m still testing it out. After being on all those different websites, I realized why I haven’t made much progress – there mostly for fanfiction and for younger writers who just want to write for fun. While there is nothing wrong with that, at all, I just feel I need to stay focused more on my writing goals.

Don’t get me wrong, some of those sites have original stories, and Wattpad is even publishing writers now, but it’s not the same as a critique site for serious writers. However, I’ve heard that Critique is, and I plan to join next year after I improve my writing more. I was told they are hardcore on that site and a writer should have their stuff together before joining.

With that being said, I’ve decided to tackle something new for 2017. No more Wattpad, no more wasting time on threads trying to get readers or dealing with drama there – my focus will just be writing and improving, that’s it.

I’m also going to expand myself by using Instagram and Twitter more. I’ve only been active on Twitter for five days, and I’ve already gained 30 followers and found some new writing groups with other serious writers.

To my fellow writers, if something isn’t working, try something new. Try a new website, change up your tactics or even go out there and meet some people. Switching things up is like trying a new writing process. Eventually, you will find the site that works for you. Right now, I’m still on this journey trying to find where I belong, and I’m hoping I’ll find it soon.

I’m still walking on my writing road, and maybe one day I’ll find my settling point. 

Also, and this is just an idea, but I’m thinking of starting a new WordPress site for Critiques. The whole site would be dedicated to meeting new writers and sharing our stories. I haven’t decided the format or anything, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Have you found a good place online or in real life that works for? If you did, how did you find it?


27 thoughts on “Trying Something New (For Writers)

  1. I joined critique circle and scribophile. The critiques you get are the same, but I have found that scribophile is friendlier.

    Critique circle spends a LOT of time talking about “the hook.” Scribophile critters tend to be more all over the place, and I like their encyclopedia for writers. Even if you’re not a member, you can probably access those essays. I learned more at scrib in a shorter period of time than probably anywhere else.

    Good luck and keep writing!

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    • Really? I didn’t know that about Critique Circle, but I still plan to check it out. I’ll look for those essays. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by =)

      Thanks! And I plan to keep writing^^

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  2. I’d love to meet new writers and share stories. I might learn something from someone! Please let me know and I will join…not sure what value I could add…but I’ll be there to listen and learn. Everyone is here to teach me something. (That’s my new, non-narcissistic attitude.

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  3. is one where fellow writers critique each other’s work although I don’t think it’s as active as it used to. I always thought it was Amazon’s version of Wattpad but with an older population of writers. Like everything you need to engage whether reading other people’s work and voting and commenting.

    There is also Ello which I access through an app and it’s more multimedia although there are writers there as well.

    I was active on for awhile and they have really good ePub creation platform for your books which I’ve tested. Their comment discussion is powered by Disqus so it’s still registered users but it’s difficult to find your readers just the same.

    I think it’s a good idea to step away from Wattpad. It’s certainly changed since I started posting my stories on there in 2012 and I can’t post any more than I already have, especially if I intend to publish then.

    Good luck with your search for a new critique platform! I did really well critique-wise on Wattpad because I have a core group of readers but I’m learning how to write on my own and waiting for feedback after I complete my book.

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    • I’ve never heard of, but if it’s like Wattpad, I’ll probably pass. My goal is to kind of get away from the whole Wattpad read, vote, and comment thing. I’ve actually been spending more time beta reading and reading published book. However, I do want to find a good critique group.

      Oh! I used to be on, but like you said, there is barely any readers there.

      Thank! I hope I find a new platform, too :3 I had a small group of readers on Wattpad, but I couldn’t do it anymore. All the thread drama and fight for popularity were just too draining. I really didn’t have anything there, so I don’t think people even noticed I left.

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  4. Twitter, WordPress, and (I know you don’t want to hear it but…) Wattpad have been the best places for me to connect with other writers. I don’t invest a lot of time into Wattpad anymore though (I actually dropped out of all of my book clubs last month and haven’t regretted it since). Twitter is my primary means of staying in touch with people. Generally I’ll meet someone on another site and we move the convo over to Twitter because it’s easiest. If you want to connect there too, my name is @star_powered!


    • Lol, I have my issues with Wattpad, but it’s not all bad. I’m starting to see that website just isn’t for me. I don’t care for a lot of the users there and how the site runs. Oh, and I added you on Twitter =) I’m going to start using Twitter and Goodreads more. I’m hoping I’ll meet some writers there.


  5. Exchanging ideas, getting critiques, making friends, these are all valuable parts of the writerly exiistence but in the end it still comes down to flying solo — it’s just you and the story and you must do the best job you can with shaping it into something that your reader will find attractive, entertaining and generally worth reading. Do good work.

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    • Thanks! That is so true: “it’s just you and the story and you must do the best job you can with shaping it into something that your reader will find attractive, entertaining and generally worth reading. Do good work.”

      Neil, you always say just encouraging things. I want to get to the point where I don’t need validation from readers to write.


  6. Well as per my writings, I feel WordPress has done a great job for me. It has not only provided me an audience but even I have also found some real good people to follow.
    It becomes hectic for me to handle more accounts at a same time. So I write on WordPress and share it through my other social links including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Though I still do not have my hands completely on Twitter too.
    But yes I would love to be connected through a site which is more and more about writing, not the light stuff.
    I know I haven’t provided any idea but whenever you decide on to start something, do let me know. 🙂

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    • There are two aspects to this business – writing and publishing. They’re very different things. Blogs and social media thingys are in the publishing category. Writing, now, for that you need something like a coach. Serena Williams works with a coach; the coach guides the talent, critiques performance etc.. For writers, that’s an editor. For us Indies, that’s a cost – my research pegs it at around 2 – 3k. Dollars. I do not have that kind of money to invest in myself. Oh, I have faith in my ability but the risk is what I can’t afford. A writing group, a good one, is a fair substitute for an editor. I was part of a good group but I moved away and now it’s difficult to attend meetings and keep up with them. I’d be happy to discover some online writing colleagues who are able and willing to exchange solid critiques and coaching.

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  7. I like what I’ve heard about Critique Circle too. I’ve been relying on a private group of writing buddies for feedback, but something more formal might work for me too.

    Meanwhile, are you going to post your twitter handle here? I’d like to follow you. (I don’t think I am yet.)


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