Video Games and Writing (For Writers) 

Before we begin today’s topic, I want to let you know the following:

– I’m still beta reading two stories, and I hope to get them done soon. 

– If you were following me on Wattpad, I left there and moved to and Once I’ve been on both sites for a while, I’ll post my reviews. 
However, I will say that has a lot of users, and I’ve already gotten feedback on my work^^. They are serious about critiques there, so if you decide to join, put your thick skin on.
Now, onto the topic!
Ok, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Aka, what does video games have to do with writing?” Well, my answer is, “A lot!”
Lastly, I’ve been playing the awesome, new:
I can say with honesty this is my favorite game in the franchise. In the past, my favorite was FF 8. Growing up, J-RPGs (Role Playing Games) played a significant role in my life and how I learned storytelling. Not only did playing Japanese RPGs help me but also anime did, too. For those who read my stories, you’ll notice a strong influence of Japanese storytelling. I know many people say playing video games is a waste of time, but I beg to differ.
When I play a good game, with character depth, development, great world-building, and plot, it’s like reading a story you don’t want to end.
RPGs, can, and will, help you improve your writing, and here’s how:
  • Character Development – In a good video game, you will see amazing character development with the MC. Like with any story, you will see what the character lacks in the beginning, and you’ll see how they grow throughout the story. Of course, all the events in the story should have some impact on the MC, even if it’s a mild event. No scene should be wasted. Also, the supporting characters should help the MC grow. In FF 15, I think this was done beautifully! I’ve only been playing the game for two weeks, but there have been many “small” scenes where the MC is challenged by the supporting characters, and I can already see how he grows based on those events.


  • World-Building – This is a major aspect of a game. For the player, exploring the world is essential to the experience. The same applies to reading a book. If you don’t have good world-building, then the reader won’t get into the story. The joy of playing a good RPG is it taught me to have a vast world, a place where the reader can’t wait to find out more. In Clash of Tides, I adopted the same idea. I haven’t written all of it yet, but the world of Clash of Tides is huge. I did the same for 9/Nine Realms, so I’m excited to write that story soon.

giphy (57).gif

  • Plot and Story – For any player or reader, the plot and story are important. If you have an engaging story with a great hook, you can lure your reader in right away. However, you want to make sure you keep the reader invested. What do you need to keep the reader in the story? A good plot! To me, a good plot is a balance of emotional, heart touching moments and action. With that being said, you need to make everything flows well. I honestly learned good scene transitions from anime, manga, and video games.

Well, that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post, and don’t forget, all around us is a story, we just have to look for it^^. 

Yes, I’m proud to be a female gamer. Video games have taught me so much, and without them, I probably wouldn’t be a writer today =)

Is there any other form of entertainment that influenced your writing?



10 thoughts on “Video Games and Writing (For Writers) 

  1. Ahah omg, I loved playing the FF series while growing up. 7 was my favorite, with 8 and 9 closely behind.

    I’m also a fan of anime-manga, it definitely had an influence on my life.

    Anyways, a very nice read Aka 🙂 glad to see you show this side of yourself. Thanks for sharing 😉 and have fun with FFXV, sounds epic!


  2. I never looked at video games through this perspective. What could be better than getting ideas while playing a video game. 😀
    I would join soon. Till then thickening my skin. 😉
    Ideas are everywhere. I get ideas from something I heard, something I saw, something I watched. there isn’t anything specific, though it’s great to have at least one activity through which you sure-shot will be having some ideas by the end.
    I liked this post. 🙂

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  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think video games, in general, have to incorporate all those elements to make it engaging. I think for me, personally, it can be so immersive that you generally feel for the characters and you can’t for what happens next; anyway great post!

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  4. Excellent post. I was also influenced by gaming, and truthfully I think those of us who are really learn a level of story telling from video games that authors who eschew them don’t. The interactivity, the structure, and the need to allow for people to get time to process even if they don’t turnt he game off all make the medium tricky. And, maybe you’ll agree, a lot of reasons why games fail (especially independent games) is when they copy the shallow elements of other video games or stories. JRPGS usually do their best to convince you who the characters are or they assume you know enough to know them. And that doesn’t always work for those who aren’t really into writing. But you gave me a lot to think about. Cheers!

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  5. I love video games, sometimes it’s great to zone out and let a good game take you in. I haven’t played FF but my boyfriend does, it does have a pretty cool story world.


    • It’s for me to get into video games unless it has a good storyline. Usually, FF games are the best in their genre. I agree with you – It’s nice to get lost in a good game. It’s like an interactive book.

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  6. I agree. I don’t play video games myself, but occasionally I’ll watch a Let’s-Play. There’s a lot of good story telling out there in the video game universe. I was honestly surprised since I’ve always been prejudiced towards books.


  7. Nice links, Akaluv,
    Films do it for me the most, scenes, closeups, wide shots, all dialogue counting…
    I have never played a video game, but when I look over my hubbies shoulder, my breath is frequently taken away by the landscapes and tiny details therein. I might give it a try one day!
    Have a lovely Christmas!


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