When Writers Bully Each Other



This is something that I feel is important to discuss today. Usually, I try not to bring drama to my blog, but I’ve noticed online writing communities are showing more signs of this. Sadly, this is happening across all websites I’ve been on, but I haven’t noticed this on WordPress.

Like in high school, or anytime you bring a group of people together, you will have different opinions and ideas. The same applies to online writing communities. Each and every writer is different, and in today’s online society, all the generations are mixing together.

You have Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Honestly, to me anyway, that’s a vast group of people. Of course, each generation was raised differently, and we need to find a way together to get along and accept one another.

Not only that, we need to remember we’re not all perfect. If you are part of a writing community, my best advice is to stay out of the drama. Make friends with writers, and if you get along well, keep up the relationship. If you encounter writers that just bring you down and treat you poorly, ignore them and move on. We shouldn’t let other people ruin our writing experience.

I just wanted to share some encouragement with all of you. Today, I found a review written about one of my stories, and while the review didn’t bother me at all, it was the person who wrote it. I know for a fact the person who wrote it dislikes me with many of their friends, and at this point, I have to question if the review is valid or not. Either way, I’m going to take the feedback into consideration and fix my story. The story they reviewed has received good feedback from other people, so I know it’s not all bad, but it definitely needs some editing.

Please don’t let anyone in a writing community bully you. Writing is a learning process, and if you keep writing, you will improve. Have a wonderful weekend and a great holiday!!



35 thoughts on “When Writers Bully Each Other

  1. Very well said. I always believe if you have nothing good to say, remain silent, unless they genuinely give you constructive criticism.

    All the best with your novel, I think you should let neutral people review your work and take on their feedback as opposed to those who hate you for no reason, otherwise the review is simply and purely biased.
    All the best 👍🏼.

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  2. You are just so awesome…I really appreciate what you share and how you share it….you will be a huge literary success (if that’s what you dream of) because you not only have the talent, but you have the heart….thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. Its a good point. I tend to be very particular about who I will really take advice from on my books…but it goes beyond just advice sometimes. I’ve seen authors do really nasty things to each other. Its usually out of jealousy but that doesn’t make it any easier to take when you are the recipient.

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    • Thanks, Jess! How are you doing? I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I feel the same way about advice from other people, especially writers I don’t know or trust well. I’ve seen writers do nasty things to each other, too, but I think that’s what happens when you put a lot of people in one place.

      The review I read today didn’t bother me, but it was the person who wrote it. It’s hard to take a review seriously when it’s clear the person dislikes you as a person. It almost felt like an attach against me. Since she posted it on Tumblr and not Wattpad, it’s clear she didn’t want me to find it.

      Oh well, these things happen – not everyone is going to like someone.


  4. I agree with you. There is nothing wrong with giving feedback, that way you can help a writer grow and maybe see his or hers stories flaws. But there is no reason to criticize someone’s story, they work so hard on it. The least you can do is nicely tell them the things you didn’t like but also the parts you did like.

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    • Hi, Debbie,

      Thanks for commenting and I agree, that’s how feedback should be delivered, but I feel this reviewer was mostly trying to bully me. I mean, really, the story she reviewed isn’t even half-way complete, and I’m still trying to finalize the story, and it get it edited. Any writer can tell if a review is genuine or if a person is just trying to be mean.

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      • Yes true. You should ignore what they say if they are just trying to be mean, but that can be hard sometimes. I hope it isn’t effecting you a lot what the person said.


  5. I can’t stand bullying in any form. I was bullied in junior high and high school and I didn’t do anything about it. When you’re a writer, you take a person’s feedback to a certain point. I don’t see anything wrong in helping a person in pointing out something, maybe a grammar mistake. Be nice about it, but don’t bully someone because they’re not perfect. No one is. I totally agree with you.

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    • Me neither! I was bullied in high school too, and I thought those days were over. Well, in the writing communities, I’ve found bullying is very much alive. It makes me sad that as writers we don’t try to help each other more. I have confidence issues with my writing and the person who reviewed my story knew that. Her review was mostly a rant about everything she hated, even to the point where she attacked my attack as a person. It makes me sad that someone would view me as this horrible monster =( People will always hate on other people because it makes them feel good.


      • It’s especially bad now that we have the internet. Because people can say what they want and not take responsibility. Just remember that people who say nasty crap about you are the cowards if they can’t even stand for what they are saying.

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      • I totally agree with you! The fact she had to hide the review in a place where she didn’t think I would see it speaks volumes about her. She is a coward, and I’m not going to worry about it anymore. Thanks for the support^^


    • I absolutely agree with you. The fact the reviewer wrote it in a place where she didn’t think I would see it shows she wanted to hide it from me. Even another writer said it was more like a rant than an actual review, but sadly, it is what it is. Honestly, Sara, I should have listened to you months ago about leaving Wattpad. I’m happy that I finally took that step and left that website behind.

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  6. I’ve just discovered your blog, so I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of your stories yet, but I agree with you that we should not let others’ negativity bring us down. Who needs that? Let’s support each other instead, as you did when you liked my post about (finally) reaching 101 followers. I hope to support you, as well. Merry Christmas! 🙂

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  7. Personally I think Millennials (speaking of the classification) should be split in two, the age gap of people coming of age in the late nineties and the people coming of age in the early two thousands is too broad. To me it’s Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials, Gen Z.

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  8. Very well said. Don’t let others harsh criticism bring you down. Ever since I started sharing what I do online I have tried to be an encouragement to writers of all levels. No two writers write alike, and as such we are wonderfully unique. If one wishes to comment on my work with constructive, friendly advice I willingly take it with much gratitude, but if they take on an attitude that only they know what makes great writing I totally dismiss it. I have seen harsh criticism totally break writers who were just starting out, so when I see that I try my best to encourage, because ALL writers have an important role to play in our world, to entertain, enlighten, inspire, and help us catch a glimpse of ourselves in all our strengths and frailties. With that said, you achieve all this and more. Keep writing!


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  10. So true, I tried to put one of my posts on reddit and immediately got all these negative comments picking apart my post and it was really disheartening- I would have loved to have a nice conversation with these people about their ideas and perspectives, but they just went straight to assuming things about me based on how they interpreted my post 😦

    It’s nice to hear from supportive writers who build each other up and want to stay positive ^_^

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    • Reddit is a scary place, and that’s one reason I stay away from it. The commentators there seem to enjoy bringing others down and starting drama. WordPress is a great place to have discussions and meet other writers. We have a supportive community here, and if you ever need help with your stories, just ask =)

      We don’t make assumptions here :3 If you ever want to start a discussion using my blog, just let me know. You can do a guest post sometime. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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