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Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

As promised, here is my review of

If you follow my blog, then you know I recently transitioned to Before I list out the pros and cons of the site, I want to say I’m enjoying my experience there so far. However, the site isn’t perfect, and here’s why:


Review System – Unlike websites like, Fictionpress, Wattpad, DA, and Penana, encourages reviews. The base of the site is to share your work and get feedback. Honestly, I love that system. To me, that’s how a writing website should be run. However, I do understand that not everyone is looking for feedback on their work, which is why websites like Fictionpress exist. On the website, after you review a piece of writing, you get points. With those points, you can request reviews, buy stuff, and even upgrade your membership.

So far, I’ve received some awesome feedback.

Rating System – I know some people don’t like the 5-star rating systems, but I think it’s a good way to gauge your writing. For example, my ratings tend to be between 3-4.5 stars, which to me are not too bad. Of course, it shows I need to make improvements, but I already knew that =)

Review Template – Like Scri, provides review templates for users. I think a lot of writers and readers need review templates. Giving good reviews is like a skill – you should always mention what the writer did well and what they can improve on. I’m glad promotes those kinds of reviews.

Filter System – has an awesome filtering system. You can filter by the most rated stories – which are usually older stories – or you can filter new stuff first. By default, all new stories show first, and the site promotes new users.


Site Layout – The layout of the site is clunky, and there is a lot of information on just one page that can be overwhelming. If you are looking for a simple layout, then may not work for you.

Cover Images – Most websites now allow you to upload cover images for your work. The same applies to; however, it doesn’t look pretty. The images get compressed and look strange, so if you like websites where you can see your pretty cover picture, doesn’t have that.

Community Threads – After my experiences on Wattpad, I run away from threads like talking politics at a family dinner. It’s best to just stay away and run, but I will post like 1-2 questions a month for a presence. With that being said, the threads on are also clunky, so it makes it hard to respond to people.

Comment System – doesn’t have a comment system, so if you like receiving comments on your work, the site may not work for you. Personally, I don’t really like comment systems on my stories. Most of the time, readers don’t use them anyway, so having a review system is more of a plus for me.

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed my review! Once I learn more about the site, I will do an update later. My hope is will be my new writing hub, and I can improve my craft from the feedback I receive.

Have an awesome week, everyone!!


16 thoughts on “Website Review –

    • I do agree it can be hard to get reviews, but I figure it’s give a review to get reviews. I generally try to do five reviews a day on

      I like the website way more than Wattpad, and I feel like it was a good move for me.

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      • Five reviews a day, that’s a lot, at least in my opinion. I’m not sure if I can give one review a day. There is one other thing I don’t like about – with a free account, you can only post ten stories. After ten stories, they won’t let you post anymore. Also, you can only post short-stories with a free account, not multi-chapter work. I agree, in some ways, is better than Wattpad.

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  1. It’s too bad is the dinosaur it is today. A decade and a half ago it would have been perfect for you. It was the first frontier of online writing communities and workshops and where I started cutting my teeth as a serious writer when I joined in November of 1998. I miss it dearly. Earlier this year it was redesigned in an attempt to breathe new life into it, but it’s still limping. But I’m happy you’ve found a suitable home even it isn’t perfect 🙂

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    • Thanks! Sadly, I feel most websites will eventually die overtime. I guess it depends on how much money they have to invest in. I do like and I hope it goes well. I really like the focus on a review system. =)


      • With Zoe (as we affectionately call it) it wasn’t so much about the need for money to be put in to it, it’s the fact that it was the forerunner to that sort of thing and in the 2000s the internet really started evolving quickly into something else…the general culture changed and while the founding generation moved on (i.e. started finding publishing success, joined newer communities, left writing altogether, passed away, etc.) there was no legacy generation to carry the fire. But a nice healthy run from 1997 to about 2012 is a legendary feat, IMO. I just wish I had taken better advantage of it during those prime years.

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  2. I appreciate the review. This site would probably not be for me. I do love giving comments because I actually read what I comment on. This is just me. I also believe that comments can be a review of a certain type such as great content. I will say that I appreciate the fact that there are options for different types of writers. Thanks for sharing.

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