Best Stories of 2016!

On Saturday (which is also my birthday), will be us to 2016:


Since 2016 will be gone in a few days, I thought I should mention the best stories I’ve read this year. In the comment section, please feel free to let me know what you enjoyed this year.

For this post, I’m going to break this down into books, movies, and videos games (I’m sure you already know which one).


  1. Splintered – It’s rare for me to like Young Adult books, but this book had everything I enjoyed – a great male character, a wonderful love triangle, and a unique world. I read the whole series – all three books – in a week! That is how much I loved it. A.G. Howard is one of the writers I admire, and I hope one day I can write as good as her.
  1. Winter – This is another Young Adult series and a fairytale retelling. I generally stay away from retellings, but I loved the mixture of sci-fi and fantasy with this series. I was sad when the story ended, but it was an amazing journey.
  1. Outlander – This year, I broke down and read Outlander. Needless to say, I loved it! It was nice to read an adult fantasy book that brought me into the story. I didn’t find Claire’s character boring or repetitive, and the story had that bit of magic I find in Young Adult books.
  1. Born Sinner – This is a paranormal romance book I found while browsing through Amazon one day. I read the first few chapters and then I couldn’t stop reading. It’s about a young woman (new adult) who is thrown into the lives of angels, demons, watchers, and everything else she thought that didn’t exist. I loved the story and the character development.


I’m only going to mention movies that inspired me to write.

  1. The Conjuring 2 – When I first saw this movie, it blew me away. It inspired some new scenes for my paranormal story about the demon investigator.
  1. Doctor Strange – Another movie that inspired me to write. For this movie, it was more about how the magic was handled than the storyline. I actual have a draft for a new story that takes place in the modern day world with dragons. Long story short, I want to work on perfecting the magic system, and the movie helped me come up some ideas.

Videos Games:

Final Fantasy 15 – I had to put this on my list. Even though I found the story lacking in a lot of areas, I still enjoyed the character development. I generally like that jerk guy in romance with a soft heart, but Noctis changed the way I looked at the cold, male character. Noctis had his cold moments, but he also showed a good soft side that didn’t make him appear weak. I also loved the relationship with Noctis and his friends – it was so touching to see how they moved from Prince/Guards to brother in arms. It was an awesome game!

So there you go – my top picks for 2016! I hope 2017 brings me some new story ideas!  I have so much to write and so little time. In happier news, I’m really enjoying and have already started making some new writer friends there. Slowly, my work is getting more positive reviews, and I feel like I made an excellent choice in leaving Wattpad behind.

Anyway, what are your top stories for 2016?!

Please share with us ^__^


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