Blog Tip Series: Being Active in the Community


Hello, everyone! How are you doing today? I hope you’re having a good Monday! I’m off today for MLK day, so I decided to update my blog.

Today, I’m going to post more blogging tips. Later, I’ll post about the award I received. So, I checked my followers and saw 1,043. I finally reached the 1,000 follow milestone, and believe me, it wasn’t easy. Before, I said, “You have to give to get.” And honestly, I’ve found that so true online.

If you want people to follow you, you need to take an interest in their blog as well. Believe me; I understand how hard it is to balance social media. I’m sure some of you are thinking,


“Wait, I have to post, research and comment on other blogs too?” My answer is yes! The easiest way for people to find you is to be active in the community. Meaning, the more people see you and your comments pop up, the more they’ll take an interest in your blog.

The same concept applies to updating 1-2 times a day. If they see you’re an active blogger, they are more likely to read your stuff. You show you update a lot, but also take an interest in other people. When I first started blogging, I would spend 1-2 hours a day reading other people’s blogs. However, I didn’t limit myself to the “writing” tag. I also used the “anime tag,” the paranormal tag,” and the “reading” tag. Not only do I read the blogs, but I also read other people’s stories. The point is, read blogs and stories that interest you. Just because you are a writer, it doesn’t mean you can’t read blogs about cooking or makeup.

Also, for every post I read (about 10 – 20 post a day), I left a comment for the writer. Leaving comments about what the writer wrote is important. That way, the writer knows, “Hey, this person actually read my post, awesome!” Sometimes, not always, the writer will show you the same courtesy and check out your blog. If they like your blog and find it informative, they’ll follow you.

Overall, do the below, and I’m sure you’ll get new followers:

  • Spend time reading other people’s blog, but don’t limit yourself to one subject
  • Comment on the blogs you read, even if it’s just one sentence
  • Be active in the community and mention other bloggers in your post

Like with any social media site, you need to be active and spend time getting to know others. It’s easy to think “I’m just going to update my blog and that’s it.” However, most websites these days don’t work like that, and WordPress isn’t an exception. If you want followers, step out and go find them; they are just a tag away =)

What methods do you use to grow your blog?


56 thoughts on “Blog Tip Series: Being Active in the Community

  1. This is really great! I just started blogging about 3 months ago, and posts like this are really helpful. Personally, I really love reading other bloggers posts and seeing what I can learn and use to grow and make my own blog better. The sentiment is also a lovely one to receive you have to willing to give.

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  2. As someone new to the community I really appreciate these tips! I figured out pretty quickly that interaction with other people’s blogs is the key to building a rapport and your blog, and I’ve gained a lot of insight from what I’ve read from other people already.

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  3. Thank you for the insight. Its definitely appreciated. I’m new to blogging – less than a month in – and created the space to keep me motivated. I need to be with people in what I call my tribe, my group of artists and creatives, writers and philosophers. I enjoy reading and viewing other’s sites and posts every day. Sometimes its while I’m on lunch at work to take a much needed break and switch over from analyzing data to appreciating art and commentary. Sometimes its to see what others are doing on their sites. Being involved is a definite must. Thanks again for the information especially about the tags on the posts you write.

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  4. I actually think the most intresting part of blogging is finding like minded people and building a community around those common intrests. No matter what the blog you’re reading is about, if you are a blogger yourself, you already have a commonality.

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    • I agree! That’s one reason I’ll read all kinds of blogs. I try not to limit myself to just writing. Personally, I like reading paranormal blogs and anime blogs. Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and following me =)

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  5. I totally agree. The only issue for me at the moment is trying to find the time to actually write my content for my blog, read other peoples, comment, like and then fit in any kind of downtime stuff in between that pesky irritating stuff like jobs and such. However, I do what I can and it’s paid dividends.
    It’s a follow from me!

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    • Thanks for the follow! And yeah, it does take time to find new blogs and comment on them. Hmm, you could try writing your posts in advance and the scheduling them. On the weekends, I try to write 2-3 posts at a time, but I won’t post them until later.

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      • I agree with you about that. My word count is dropping, too, but I’m having a hard time writing right now. In my personal life, I have some issues I need to work out. I’m hoping to get back to my steady pace this week. Sadly, it’s hard for me to write when my mind is worried about something.

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      • Figuring out the SEO’s so my books can find eyeballs. You can write amazing novels, but people can’t read what they can’t find. My blog is my author page, letting readers in so it as to be right. As such, there is much over thinking that goes into each post and every word. Ugh, I need to get out of my own head.

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      • I know the feeling. My blog is also my author page, but at the moment, I’m not posting too much about my writing. It’s hard balancing pots about my stories and posts about blogging. I noticed people are more interested in the blogging aspect of my blog rather than my writing.

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  6. I really agree, when I started commemting and reading the posts did I get a lot more followers on my blog, and I basically read anything that was interesting to me or intriguing for me to check out. And sometimes I might be pleasantly surprised about which topics interest me.

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    • That’s great to read! WordPress has a lot to offer, so it’s good not to limit yourself to one topic. It’s funny, actually. Anime blogs help me keep up with what’s current. =)

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  7. A timeless topic for sure! I’m glad all of us share in the struggle of balancing our own writing goals with the social networking and platform development that is necessary for successful blogging. I know the trade off sweet spot is different for everyone, and I think that for myself it’s time to start perusing and commenting on other people’s blogs much more frequently.

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  8. I’ve just started this whole journey myself. I don’t have a problem with writing at the moment (the words are flowing!) but the social media aspect is a bit more difficult. My blog is also my writer page, and it’s linked to my twitter, facebook and Linkdin so everything I do gets spread about – but it can still feel like shouting in the dark. I’ve been sure to stay steady with my blog posts (It’s only been running for the last two weeks or so!) and It’s gone okay so far.

    I’m being published this year (just a short story but it’s a start!) and I also want to try the world of self publishing with an anthology of my own. Self publishing without a crowd of supporters (on here especially) would be a lonely road.

    This post was really interesting though – I need to up my wordpress game!

    Sorry to ramble!

    – Seb

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  9. I comment on other people’s blogs as well. That has helped gain an audience. One way that really promoted my blog was last summer when I took two wordpress courses and taking them drew a lot of people to my blog.


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